' Sweet Surrender '
by Ken Blick


Hello Jesus, life long friend.
Our walk is coming to an end.
When I look back I clearly see,
the times you had to carry me.

My burdens opened up my soul.
I prayed for you to fill the hole. 
I was drowning in my life 
and sailing in a turbulent sea.
I was lost, 
but you found me.

But now my body's breaking down. 
I'm not a clock, I can't be wound. 
When time finally stops for me,
I'll be living in eternity.
All the questions I ever had
will be explained. 
I bless your name, 
sweet Savior. 

There'll be no tears for me on Earth.
No one every saw my total worth. 
In the darkness only your light shone.
I knew I'd never be alone. 
Take my hand,
'cuz the light is fading for away. 
I want to stay, 
but your calling. 

To see the face that carried me,
I have a home in heaven, come and see.
I was never left alone,
Jesus light, my path was shone. 
So I die,
only humans are left to question why.
My body stays, 
But with the lord 
I'm flying. 

' Sweet Surrender ' by Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved.

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