' Starry Eyes '
by Ryan Christiano

Starry Eyes try not to cry
Starry Eyes stop asking why
Starry Eyes don't be shy
Starry Eyes don't tell yourself lies

Starry Eyes of eternal blue skies
Starry Eyes hear my plea 
Why can't you see
That you're perfect to me

Only you hold the key
To set your spirit free
Beautiful as can be
A promise to keep 
A prayer to repeat 

Your doubts
Run too deep
Hand reaching out
Let's take this leap 

No more sorrow
My heart is yours to borrow 
Until the dawn of tomorrow 
Hear the haunting bellow 
Of the cosmic cello 

Laugh of wind chimes 
Sweet as wine
Rhapsodic rhythm and rhymes 
Starry Eyes shine for all time

- 'Starry Eyes' by Ryan Christiano
Copyright © Ryan Christiano
All Rights Reserved.

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