' Tormented Soul '
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

Screaming out your name, I fall to my knees
can you hear my pleas or have you become deaf to my voice
As the night grows cold and dampens the center of my soul
Thinking of what might have been
Your voice still lingers in my inner being
This deafening silence torments me
the all consuming darkness mocks me
the coldness that caresses and consumes me
memories of you fall all around me
Like dark clouds in a heavy rain
It saturates my soul, penetrates my brain
I will never be the same, at times I feel I've gone insane
In my eyes I see you staring back at me
Like a lost sunrise, my ray of hope
In your kiss I got lost
to your smile I surrendered
Time echoes your essence
What I would not give for one
last touch of your hands
one last kiss upon my lips
one last glance in your eyes
one last dance of our souls
My heart has grown cold
as snow covered lands
Your memory haunts me
When I look in the mirror
Regret is my reflection
Sorrow my constant shadow
Time always tormenting me
My tears taunting me
As I'm left standing alone
in a world so cold
broken promises unfold and pierce my bloodshot eyes
To be scattered about
Like flower petals
Tossed upon the grave of my broken heart


' Tormented Soul '
by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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