' The Bunny Man '
by Ken Blick

The Bunny Man

At my campsite,

late one night.

A visitor arrived,

who gave me quite a fright.

It was the Bunny man

from across the darkened street,

coming to check if my children were all asleep.


He had a gunny sack

that draped limply on the ground.

When he hopped,

it made a slithering sound.


I could tell it was empty,

but before the night was through,

I knew it would contain

an unruly child or two.

He gave me a smile

and asked if my kids were all tucked in.

Before I could reply

He went and checked on them.

He sniffed and he snorted

and then bid me adieu.

The night was still young,

and he had much to do.

The hopping and slithering were the only sounds,

as he dutifully went about his rounds.

Just before I went to sleep,

I gazed out the window for one last peek.

There in the distance,

his red eye's seared.

The gunny sack was full,

as he disappeared.


' The Bunny Man ' by Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved.

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