' Journey Home '
by Ken Blick


My hearts been thumping,
ever since you Friended me.
I almost forgot about you,
I thought we were history.
Now out of the blue,
here you are again.
Posting on my wall,
asking can we be friends!

A long long time ago
I called out your name.
When there came no answer,
I held my head in shame.
I knew you went on,
I knew that was the best.
If I had it all over,
I'd still fail the test.

Once I was true
but when we went on,
I tried to stay true,
But I wasn't that strong.
I stumbled and fell
and some weeds blocked the way.
You say you want to know me,
Well, this is who I am today.

I praise the glory,
when all that is wrong.
I may be weak,
but my Lord is strong.
My faith is a seed,
and it grows everday.
I don't know all the answers,
but I will someday.

Your path is a journey,
and yours alone.
Trust in the Lord,
and he'll lead you home.

Journey Home by Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved.

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