' The Poor Poet '
by Ryan Christiano

The poor poet sits upon cold concrete
He scribbles away lost in other places and times
Far beyond his musty cardboard box
He dreams of things never meant to be
Nightmares he dreams beyond slumber

He watches as she surrenders her body to strangers
The fair-haired angel of the flickering neon lights
Her soul belongs to him at night
On the sidewalk of shattered souls

He pens his poems beneath moonlight
Poetry full of silly rhymes
Not worth a dime
To his parents or passersby
The poor poet prays for better times

He listens as the fair- haired angel cries
Her smile of lies never touches her eyes
The poor poet dreams of castles in the skies
From across the way
The pocket preacher proclaims
Wretched souls dwell not in eternal shame
Hope still flickers like a faltering flame
They dwell in damnation just the same

As the poor poet writes his rhymes
The fair- haired girl hums a lullaby
Once sung by her mother
Who died at the hands of her lover
As the pocket preacher taps his veins
Finding salvation at last
Escaping all but the past

A copy of an open book was set before the poor poet
'Whom shall I inscribe it to?' he asked
'The love of your life'
He looked up into the eyes of the woman who was his wife
The fair- haired angel smiled with the abandon of a child

The once poor poet walked upon the sidewalk of shattered souls
The fair -haired angel beside him
She quietly hummed her Mother's lullaby
One hand caressed the angel growing inside her
They came upon the musty cardboard box
Where he had written his rhymes
All the while hoping for better times

The pocket preacher was asleep upon cold concrete
The poor poet's eyes misted over in the gathering twilight
He knelt alongside the pocket preacher
'Sleep well dear friend
There is nothing left to fear'
He pulled a tattered blanket more tightly against the battered man
'This is your last night here'
The poet placed a folded promise in a tin cup
From which both men had sipped despair
He rose and turned to the the fair- haired angel
They embraced as they emerged from shadow into light
Going home to their castle in the sky

-'The Poor Poet' (The Writer's Pen Never Stills)

To The Memory of Author Vince Flynn

' The Poor Poet ' by Ryan Christiano
Copyright © Ryan Christiano
All Rights Reserved.

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