Me and my soul, part 4
by Thaddeus Hutyra


It has passed already some time
since me and my soul
had a very serious quarrel
a destructive one which had caused
we avoided each other for long days
but luckily we were now together again
and our squabble was long forgotten
I didn't even want to consider
what would happen if a schism
between me and my soul continued
we would perhaps be doomed
according to the rules of God
Our Lord the Almighty
One morning my soul
was strangely quiet
just staying within me
and not leaving me at all
It was a nice morning
the sunshine spread on
my face and faces of passersby
walking down the street
I have poured coffee for myself
and then sipped it in small doses
At one moment I felt
my soul moved out of me
and did the usual morning exercises
making perhaps a million
of runs around my flat
within a second or two of course
When she had enough
she positioned herself
on the mahogany table
just next to my cup of coffee
' You know, I have travelled
through an universe this night '
She announced to me
' Through the Universe?
I like to study materials
about cosmos, all those galaxies
our own Milky Way and far beyond
Is all of this, the entire Universe
ending somewhere, my dear ? '
I asked with enormous curiosity
My soul laughed heartily
' No, you can't know everything
Perhaps one day I'll initiate you
but right now I can't '
' Why can't you ? '
' I simply can't, OK ?
Don't ask me more about this, please ! '
' OK, you travelled
throughout an universe ?
It's sounds mysterious to me '
This time my soul laughed again
' Yes, I did. A very specific one
the universe of your own ... body '
I just bursted with laugh
' Through the “universe” of ... my body ?
You must be joking !
It's just flesh, some bones
organs, blood and lots of water ... '
' No, Thaddeus, I'm not joking
and...don't look at your body this way.
Try to see the smallest particles, the cells
They are wonders, believe me
Since there are no borders I can't cross
I could look into each
of the billions of your cells
and the highways among them
the highways as in the real Universe !
I travelled alongside the membranes
then I flew deeper in
and travelled through
Mitochondrions, Ribosomes
amongst others
all the way to your Nuclear envelope
and the Nucleus within it
and I did it millions of times
if not billions
through all your cells
and their Nuclei
a very haunting trip
I have really enjoyed it '
' Wow, have you discovered something
that could cause my anxiety ? '
' Not really, Thaddeus
You're lucky to be healthy
The highways among your cells
are cristal clear, free of a waste
It's good you eat so many apples
they are cleansing all your arteries '
' I shouldn't be concerned then
about my health, you think ? '
' No, Thaddeus. Not as far as I know '
' Thanks my dear soul
What would I do without you ?!
By the way, why I didn't give you a name yet ?
What name would you like to be called by? '
' What about Fritz. Call me just Fritz '
' It's a name for guys '
I objected
' Does it matter?
We don't have sex though
do we have ?! '
She was quick on the trigger as usually
while I was stunned by her remarks
As so often so far
She could indeed have
a sarcastic humour sometimes
' OK, Fritz, are you going to travel
through my “universe” again ? '
This time was my turn
in expression of a sarcastic humour
She laughed, heartily
' No, Thaddeus, I prefer
to have it quiet for a moment.
By the way, why don't you
tell me more about your feelings
concerning the Universe ?
The one as you yourself see it
from the sun to the uttermost stars ?
I smiled, and then narrated
' Yes, it's a long story
I have always dreamed about the Universe
Ever since my childhood
I had always imagined myself
as a traveller throughout it
an adventurer and a warrior
I travelled to far away places
of the infinite cosmos
millions light years away
through all the warmholes
light and black holes, whatever
I could find myself
in another part of the Universe
just within a split of a second, really '
' Just like me '
My soul interrupted me
but I continued my story
without any second thought
' I loved to travel to all those
magnificient galaxies, so bewitching
and so many of them !
I loved to visit the Whirlpool Galaxy
for example, hauntingly beautiful
The one where I met
people like us living not just
on one planet but on many of them
Can you imagine how far is this galaxy ?
15 to 35 million light years away from us !
And ... how hauntingly spectacular
are all the worlds there ! '
' Yes, I know I've been there '
My soul said mysteriously
' You've been there?
Tell me, please more '
I asked her
But no, she didn't want
to say more
for some strange reason
She was now quiet as a cat
Why didn't she want to answer me?
Was it she might have gone
too far, beyond her own rules
whatever rules she might have had ?
The rules of God, the God's law ?
Were we, people, doomed
to live in our four dimensional box ?
Not knowing there was instead
a labyrinthine of many more dimensions?
Was it something
we could simply not know?
I just poured another cup of coffee
and began to search
for news on my laptop
I was sure I will again travel
throughout the Universe
quite soon, the next deep night
with or without my soul
but of course, I preferred it
definitely with my soul
the one who was my best friend
despite some disagreements
from time to time ...
' Take your hat off '
I was thinking about my soul
while drinking my cup of coffee
I knew the story of me and my soul
was long yet
perhaps never to be finished
yet I was happy
beyond anything to say
I had my dear soul
in this uncertain and mischivious world
the one of Iron fist in a velvet glove
in order to survive ...

Me and my soul, part 4
by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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