A Tornado's Eye
by Thaddeus Hutyra


A little boy, five years old
was sleeping peacefully
in the deepness of a magic aura,
an angelic one, the aura of God
It seemed there was a complete light
in the darkness of the night
or perhaps in his sweet dreams
Was it really night? Or was it a day?
He could see and smell everything
as if he were in the garden of Eden
He could even absorb all these riches
and elixirs, the elixirs of God
The variety of roses amongst others
Maiden's Blush, Charles de Mills
Hybrid Tea roses, Amber Flush ones
A paradise of aromas, indeed
the sweet aroma of the Heavens !
But then, when the fresh morning
was awakening to a life or perhaps
a full blown day showed up in its glory
playing a philharmony of captivating light
enthralling shadows and twilights
like at Sensation White, and Black
there appeared a strange figure
behind the curtain of a window
closed but though open
There was dead air instantly
and only the clock on the wall
ticked evenly and rhythmically
The boy looked on intensely
paralysed by enormous fear
and a mysterious knowledge
something was really not good
Who was the unwelcome stranger
behind the embroidered curtain?
How did he get in, so crudely?
The boy, unable to do anything
as if chained in a transparent void
just looked, with open mouth
at the mysterious invader
There was something strange
with that someone behind the curtain
He stood there motionless
as if he didn't want to emerge
and betray who he was, not yet
But the boy still looked on from his bed
in the twilight of his sleeping room
The stranger extended his hand
and moved the curtain slowly
with an intention to unmask himself
before the frightened boy
with wide open eyes and mouth
It was a split of a second
but ages in the mind of the boy
A monstrous figure stood now
in the window without a curtain
with a face out of which weird
full blown death emanated
and with the eyes which were gold red
the eyes of a cobra ready to attack
The eyes blazed with horror and fire
the eyes of a sickening psychopath
or even of a blood thirsty vampire
but in fact it was Satan himself
the one from behind the gate of hell
The curtain lay spread on the floor
in a pool of more and more blood
His snake's alike dready eyes
were opened wide and showed
enormous black holes, never ending
down some abyss, the abyss of fire
The stranger, Satan himself
turned his crimson coat soaked with blood
into a wheezing wind of a thundering tornado
and swallowed the kid whose last scream was
No! No! Nooooooooooooo !!

They were hiding themselves
in an anti tornado shelter
a private one, secure one
Their two children, a boy and a girl
were crying, terrified of what's going to be
It was their first experience
one neither desired nor wanted
Suddenly there was a noisy thump
the latch came undone
and the door of their cellar
flew up into the tornado's eye
high into the darkened sky
an enormous battleground
of high flying ripped off roofs
from nearby solid houses
and all possible debris and glass
domestic animals, small and large
all flying in a carousel of death
up and up, while the lightnings
thundered and mirrored
just in splits of seconds
everything what flew up
and down like a display
of an ultimate battle of the titans
They were mad as a hornet
but what they could do?
Their house must have been flattened
as much as any other houses
in the neighbourhood
The unspeakable devastation
in Moore and elswehere
in the region of Oklahoma City
so now as many times before
all those crude, hideous tornadoes !
It was enough to look into this eye
the eye of the tornado
the vicious Pandora's box !
What was worse the wind
thrusted itself into their shelter
Trying to suck them away mercilessly
Children were already
upside down in the air
hold with all determination
by their father and mother
No, there won't be more flying angels
in the tornado's eye !
Debris began to fall
down their shelter
hitting them ruthlessly
Father had already
his arm hurt but, hell, no!
He won't let his angels go
up the upside down abyss
into the arms of death, the bitch
Children screamed, parents yelled
father's teeth pierced his lips
out of ultimate desperation
their mother cried, white faced
No, she will not let her children go
Never ever ! For God's sake !!
Strangely, how divine and satanist
the tornado's eye was at once!
The ultimate nature's image
A sign of the neglected global warming!
As if angels and devils
had their fight to the last, ultimate one!
All these lightnings and thunders
the upward circulating winds
and the debris flying up
and falling down, with thunderclaps
and this unearthly vacuum cleaner
monstrous, pulling in anything
Despair and fear lasted
on the faces of all of them
Was this struggle to be lost?
Children screamed no more
just looked silently, in agony
into the eyes of their parents
trusting they won't let them go
while still hanging in the air
upside down, at danger to be pulled
in the whirlwind of the tornado's eye
The parents knew they participated
in this battle, for the lives
of their children and their own
the battle of the third degree !
At some point they had impression
a stranger with eyes of a snake
looked at them from the tornado's eye
the eye of a devil. Or he himself a devil ?
He looket at them strangely and savagely
ready to catch and swallow them
into his abyss of fire and death
At the same time there appeared
lightnings from all the sides
the lightnings of God himself perhaps
They pierced the devil again and again
and blew him then up like a firework
What was seen, the destructive fire of him
was swallowed down his own abyss
and relaxed the dreadful pressure
of the tornado's up and down wheel
Somehow the winds got weaker
the day's light began to penitrate
through the steady wall of the tornado
The mischievous twilights gave the way
to various mesmerising shadows
of all the things which flew up and down
there in the scatterbrained tornado's eye
They could now pull their children down
to themselves and hold them tightly
But this was certainly not the end
of the drama which was going on
They have still been sitting hidden
in the corners of their shelter
and they covered their beloved children
with their entire wounded bodies
as much as they only could, to make sure
their children survive and live further
all the seasons of lives they normally should
It was as if they were in a casino
playing not to get rich but with their lives
To be or not to be but sure to be
for their only children, their angels
They felt all sorts of debris still falling on them
but they didn't really bother
as long as they could save the lives
of their children, the ones to go on
in the full circle of life, the God's life
How incredible could be this life !
Just an hour ago or two, or three
perhaps a half day ago, or a day ago
they all had so normal lives, so enjoyable
yet now they had to fight and pray
for the lives of their children, and their own
Yes, the fight for their lives still went on
dependable this time on pure luck
and God's mercy, God's wish, God's design
They still felt things falling on them
hurting them, too strong to bear it
Blood spurted from their wounded bodies
but for God's sake, they weren't going
to give up. Not now, Certainly not now !
All this battle was for their kids
and they knew, having a sparkle of hope
the chance to survive was bigger and bigger
with every passing minute, and hour
And then ... yes, it has happened !
The deadly tornado went further but away
as suddenly as it invaded them before
They got out of their shelter and looked around
Their worst assumptions came true
There was nothing but a warlike landscape
All houses and anything else
were just flattened down mercilessly
Yet they took shine to a new hope
of rebuilding their lives
for themselves and their children
the most precious angels they had
And for all the needy people
in their community and beyond
No, they will never be taken aback
certainly not after what they were through
The parents heard their children
yet again to scream, and scream
so loud as if a new tornado
just appeared above them from nowhere
They turned back and what they saw
made their hair on their heads
stand high upwards, to the very sky
A little, five years old boy
lay at their feet, lifeless ...


A Tornado's Eye
by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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