What about ?
by Thaddeus Hutyra


My thoughts are like lightning
in the sky,
spread to all the corners of the world.
What about Javid Houtan Kian,
the Sakineh's lawyer
thrown into jail, tortured ?
What about
the many other prisoners
whose only "fault" was
the desire of freedom?
Must they pay so ruthlessly the price
for their love of their country?
The Shakespearean love, indeed !?
What is their future?
In prison? For years?
Or worse, to be hung?
What about victims
elsewhere in the world?
What about the Arab spring?
Is this a Copernican change?
Or just a prologue
to yet another tyranny?
What about so many
other tyrannies?
What about Pussy Riots,
the feminist rock group
jailed by a Russian court?
What about Asia Bibi,
a Christian woman in Pakistan
unjustly inprisonned
for the so called blasphemy ?
What about Saeed Malekpour,
a Canadian behind bars in Iran?
What about Yulia Tymoshenko?
What about Byron Case,
jailed for life in the USA
despite being innocent?
What about Christian Copts
in Egypt,
living in a country
which deprives them of their rights?
What about Jews and Palestinians
in the twilight of treason?
Can't they live together
in their own secular country?
What about Bahai's in Iran
and elswhere?
What about Kurds,
Tibetians as well?
What about Death Camps
in North Korea?
What about women
in the Middle East,
disregarded their entire lives?

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 Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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