‘ Poet ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

I am a poet in all incarnations
writing artful verses
spreading over the sheets of life
hallowed as the Ganges
the Hindu sacred, cleansing river.

Unfathomable emotions 
accentuate density
of my very feelings
for enigmatic is life
of a poet as me.

I am an artist, a painter of verses
a sculptor, a singer and a musician
a conductor of the muse
the poets are so proud of.

I am a photographer of life
that the Lord, our Father 
have created
and I register it 
in my poetic verses
once for all 
making sure
the evidence is never lost !

Photographer of love
of our hearts, rebel hearts
all the emotions
between you and me
that are sparking
to the starry skies
and further to the Universe.

I am a dancer in all the verses
I, the watchful eye of spirits
Not even the very air
can escape my attention
for I am the photographer of fate.

I am a choreographer
dealing with the real life
and all its roughness
Dreams must become reality
in my choreographic plan.

And when it comes to you and me
I am all of the above
the poet in all the incarnations
loving you as nobody else
for you are the temple of mine
O lover !

Ah, look, whoever you are
look how I catch the sparks
of all the moments of life
into the lens 
of my poetic ink
Nothing can really escape me
for I am a poet
the right hand of the Lord !

‘ Poet ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 25/02/2016
All Rights Reserved

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