‘‘ Quo Vadis ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Year 1933 …
- He is a Jew, he is a Jew … - shouted the crowd
brainwashed, elevated by racist slogans of the nazis …
Forgive them, O' Lord, for they did not know what they did !

It all happened after a brief period of political thriller …
the Reichstag building set on fire
the Reichstag Fire Decree, suspending basic rights
Adolf Hitler and his nazi NSDAP getting absolute power
Lebensraum as a result
The gate to hell got open
foreseeing Holocaust, the Apocalypse !

World War II …
Then came the Wrath of Satan
concentration camps, burning bodies
millions upon millions of the dead …
Ah, the Lord, where were your soldiers of justice
to evict the evil from the face of the world ?!
Ah, had Satan outmaneuvered you
with his hellish plot, O' Lord ?!

Ah, the Lord, my Lord, the humanity had to begin anew
swearing never again war, O' never again war !

Year 2015 …
The ancient city sites of Nimrud, Hatra and Dur-Sharrukin in Iraq 
demolished by the Islamic State
car bombs detonated in Kobani, Syria by ISIS fighters
who afterwards opened fire at civilians 
a suicide bomb killing at least 100 people 
at a peace rally in Ankara, Turkey 
and injuring more than 400 others
coordinated November terror attacks in Paris 
on Friday the 13th
many more jihadist actions, bloodcurdling, hair-raising
just in the name of religion, of their Allah …
Is it not a chaos what we do have now worldwide ?
Terror having its mighty say ?!

Millions of Islamic migrants from the Middle East and Africa 
migrating to Christian Europe as a consequence
heading north in a search of lost home 
many drowned in the waters of Mediterranean 
Ah, the Lord, bring light upon all those folks
enlighten them !

- Freedoms, liberty, Europe, the common house ! 
- elated Europeans express themselves from time to time
busy building new Europe
Yet the ghosts of the past 
and the ghosts of the present are not gone, O' Lord !
Yet there are the forgotten neighbours of the European House
threatening the stability !
Are the demons waking up 
or are they coming from far away strange places ?

Ah, the Lord, my Lord, what's that ?!
They are saying everything is OK
the European project skyrocketing ...
Yet there are ruptures in the very air and its winds
coming from four points of the world ! 

Arise, O' man, O' woman
take your fate in your hands
never again a misery
by fault of the mighty !

What a strangeness it all seems to be
as if two kids had a quarrel
wrangling, squabbling, broiling, hurting a lot
being at odds with each other, just for nothing
throwing shoes at one another
jumping to each other’s eyes 
with cat paws and claws
scratching, scraping, clawing, crabbing
forgetting they are humans and not the cats !
Yet there are millions of them, kidding or not !

Ah, the Lord, my Lord, shall the humanity ever learn ?
Shall the Shakespearean events choke and strangle us 
never really peace, triumph of the forces of doom
tides of destiny dictating us to be or not to be ?! ...

Strike, O' Lord, my Lord, at all those who are plotting death
strike with your Star Wars’ sword
no matter at what cost and where
for your sword, O' Lord, is the fire of the cosmic stars
and far beyond !

Strike, O' Lord, my Lord, with your sword
bringing life, not death
bringing light, not gloom
bringing peace, not war anymore !

Strike, O' Lord, my Lord, before it is not too late yet 
This ultimate Quo Vadis, your Quo Vadis, O' Lord
must stop the road to the final Apocalypse !

To liberty, ladies and gentlemen !
Je Suis Paris ! Je Suis France ! Je Suis the World !

‘ Quo Vadis ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 13/11/2015
All Rights Reserved

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