'Be a Woman'
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

In the freshness of youth, a skinny model
Thought she could catch each man to cuddle.
She thought it would be easy to become the muse
Of the man she would finally like to betroth.
To be even more sexy she put on her boots
She wanted to please him with all her roots.

She thought she had enticed him, head to toes
Yet in the end all caused her to hum sad woes.
“Your sex drive is missing!” He petted her arm
“You do not get hot, not even warm.”
Sure you are beautiful, on paper you spark
However when I hold you no thrill does embark.

With all this silly and strenuous exercise
You paid with poking skin and bone the price.
This shows that what in fashion today is the norm,
Really needs to take on a quite different form.
So she put on few pounds, bit by bit
And her body a feminine rounding did.

She now did feel voluptuous to his touch
She no longer had to pretend so much.
Her new womanly shape did spike his desire
Yes, a little more bacon had stoked the fire.

Be a Woman
© By Alexandra H. Rodrigues, Revised March 2016
All Rights Reserved

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