‘A Dance for Life'
By Alexandra H. Rodrigues

When we danced the Tango on the dance floor, I felt you
I could interpret every move you made, it all rang true.
With lust surging thru my loins, I willingly did re4spond
That day, with that dance, you and I had tied a bond.

Hand in hand back to the table we went, when music stopped
A wish to possess your mind and your body my senses robbed.
You asked if under the stars I would like to take a walk
I knew right then that you too wanted more than a talk.

On the patio, watched by the moon with no one around
We both succumbed to spontaneous sensations abound.
Later inside we sipped some more of the fruity wine
Bathing in his charm and masculinity made me feel so divine.

For the next dance, a Foxtrot he again in his arms me drew
Our thrill with each other reached high peaks all anew.
This fairy tale since long now became the story of our life 
Today, centuries later, we are still loving man and wife.

A Dance for Life
© By Alexandra H. Rodrigues, March2016 
All Rights Reserved

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