‘ Destructive Passion ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Dimensions of you, my goddess
thoroughly inspire my soul
They are enchanting gallery
making my life worth to live.

I am yearning for your breath
and the gentle fluctuations of air
from your lungs, taking my breath away
So much I am doomed to be
the vampire of love, a charming one !

Your love is the crimson blood
your tender heart the most so
Once I get you with my fanged teeth
I will be sipping you forever !

You know, my bewitching goddess
the gentle gasps of your breath
that make to shiver my entire self
are like the breezes of the winds.

Just look at all those currents of air
flowing across the world
empowered by life-giving breath
of Earth, the Blue Marble !

They spread echoes all the way
from Californian blue skies
to the Himalayan snowy ones
from Norwegian green fjords
to New Zealand’s Milford Sounds.

Just stop for a short moment
hold your breath, don’t let the time go
Listen then with outmost alert
to what you hear, the symphony 
of the winds and their echoes.

They are like all the bells
in Cathedral Notre Dame
like harp medley of angels
orchestra of the kisses of a lover.

Know it, my sweet darling
our Earth is like you and I 
deeply breathing, rapturously
sometimes blowing a gale
turning into storm with lightnings
but always breathing, exposing life.

So we are all united
in the rhythmic breaths
that come out of us
and out of Earth 
ensnaring us so !

Frantic winds, lunatic Moon
nothing really can stop this love
Enthralled, I can hear and feel
smell and drink, and swallow
every breath taken into 
and expelled from your lungs.

Feeling paradisiac
blissful and elated
ecstatic, joyful, euphoric
on cloud nine, my goddess !

You yourself are pure art
coming from the depths
of your heart and mind
so subtle
never cheating
always true
a partner for life.

The astonishing true love
never ever to be abandoned
One that I can trust
till normally the death
would part us
but it shall not !

Perhaps I am an alien life
that can thrive
off the cosmic rays
but my love to you 
is invincible
never ever to be stopped.

Asgardia is our new home
cosmic waves our starship
the Universe our final breath !

‘ Destructive Passion ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra October 2016
All Rights Reserved

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