‘ Deja vu ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Dancing in multidimensional specters
unaware of the multiverse though
Deja vu, indeed, sweet deja vu !

We are in the new dawn
of imagining the Universe
far beyond any boundaries
So many theories, perhaps
as there are scientists on our globe
Big Freeze, Solipsism, Idealism, Presentism
Eternalism, Brain in the Vat
Fictional Realism, Phenomenalism
and finally Simulation and Multiverse Theory.

You brought broccoli on the plate, my dear
with movements of a delightful kitty
Let me love you is the message
I am in all states, broccoli can wait !

Forlorn I do feel when I think 
of all those barriers that are uncrossable
I would love to conquer all the multiverses
whoever and whatever they might be !

Infinite Universes alongside each other
parallel universes like the pages in the books
where one would have to deduct
how to get from one page onto another one
a tough task, for the space is invisible
between the pages, and ... unlimitedly. 

There are perhaps Bubble universes
so called Daughter universes
forming up at the crossroads of the universes
and finally Mathematical universes
this last theory assuming our Universe
and other universes are simulated ones.
Oh, what a feeling, being just a pixel
in someone’s else computer simulation !

Losing my mind and understanding
so many scientists and philosophers
went mad, really mad before me
Starboy I am in all of it, side to side
to all of you who care, what a deja vu !

Pour cold water over your head
my brain screams aloud
Well, it is not necessary
for hot kisses are the best cure
May broccoli stay on the table untouched
we have plenty of time, my girl !

And … you know, my lover
your approach is the best one
You say you don’t wanna know
for you are starving for much love
and … believe me, I now too.

By the way, my dear, if you though want to know
Solipsism is a philosophical theory 
which states that nothing can be verified 
except the existence of one’s own mind
Presentism that there is neither a past nor a future
and only the present exists
Eternalism that time actually has many layers
and finally Multiverse Theory
that means there are many universes 
existing alongside each other
with all the possibilities we have seen
in space science-fiction films
Let’s go to the cinema, my hummingbird
broccoli can wait, I love cold dishes, really do !

‘ Deja vu ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra November 2016
All Rights Reserved

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