‘ Simulation ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Notre Dame Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate
China Great Wall, Babylonian Hanging Gardens
Cracow’s Medieval Square, Venice canals
grandiose Montana Mountains and the Alps
so much to see in this world of ours
whether looking back to ancient times
or just traveling across all the continents.

In the breezes and echoes of the winds
you and I, my dear hummingbird
have already travelled and saw so much
seven wonders of the world
You were my compass of life
I, of your compass, a pointer to our love.

Our hearts were intertwined
as lovers could only do
One day though we learnt
we might be nothing but a simulation
and everyone else, everything else.

Is our Universe as we know
a computer simulation 
on incredible scale ?
Is it one of many universes ?
A part of a multiverse ?
Such questions 
enwrapped our minds.

All investigators
many of whom scientists
and their investigations
from quantum physics
and string theory
to deep mathematical theories
suggest a simulation of our universe
multiplied infinitely n-times
by other universes
forming a multiverse, indeed.

Realities upon realities 
in different worlds
of the ultimate multiverse 
Quite a multidimensional Matrix !

In such sensational specter
the Schrödinger’s Cat
can be simultaneously
both dead and alive 
What an amusement
for the Cheshire Cat !

Just imagine the various universes
as sort of continents
in the vast multiverse
inclusive our own universe
lost somewhere in the oceans
of the multiverse.

What type of universes are they ?
Infinite universes ?
Bubble universes ?
Parallel universes ?
Mathematical universes ?
Oh, lots of fun must have 
the shrewd ultimate programmer 
playing his video of the multiverse
at his computer desk !

We are made of stars
more so
human cells 
and neutron stars 
structural similarities
Somehow theory of relativity
married to quantum mechanics
and so is the universe
and multiverse of the universes.

My philosophical thoughts, my dear 
burst like bubbles of water
when you come to me
with two cups of aromatic coffee
and sit down on my legs
All the universes and multiverses
disappear in you and I
We are the multiverse, babe
forever and one day longer
You and I, my goddess, my heart 
no matter, really no matter
whether there are simulations or not
Oh, have a fun, my Cheshire Cat
play your act on the stage, O' Schrödinger’s Cat !

‘ Simulation ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra November 2016
All Rights Reserved

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