‘ Teleportation ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Unfathomable are oracles of God
Dante puzzles !

How many universes
there are
in the multiverse ?

With every breath of the Lord
new creation
is being formed
and endless range of emotions.

The breath of the Lord
is your smile
your kiss
your fiery love
birth of your child
yet another universe
in the multiverse.

There will be times
undreamt of
even in fairy tales
One shall hold
sort of future iPhone
just a few entry codes
and one will become a soul.

Unlike now
it will be a pure fun
for by coding back
one shall return
to the former point
back to his own body.

Teleportation simply
will be as easy
as using now our iPhones.

Back and forth
from body to soul
and soul to body.

From what is earthly
or what belongs
to future planetary home
to what we now call paradise
where no time exists
but all the beauty 
of the multiverse.

And then back
really back home !
How unimaginable
and though imaginable !
How larger than life !

Quantum physics 
is very complex
the entire universe 
or perhaps multiverse
firstly all the bosons
and then ... 
the gate to the multiverse.

Never thus say never !
O' welcome to Dante puzzles !

‘ Teleportation ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra December 2016
All Rights Reserved

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