‘ Light, the Starship ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Achieving speed of light
conquering it
is the ultimate dream
of the humanity.

Once it happens 
the Universe is conquered too.

But shall it ever happen?
Say, O’ say, angels !

Well, the solutions
lurk in future discoveries
quantum physics
of teleported objects
and equally
of teleported humans
in the molecules of light.

Once it will be achieved
humans will travel
with the speed of light
Light itself
the starship !

Humans shall become
the species of the Universe
proudly so !

I love you, Lizzie, you know
more than Einstein loved
his own wife
My heart is yours
your one is mine
Join me
in cosmic adventure
become the rebel heart as I !

Let me love you
will be our immortal song
Neighbors never preoccupied
enough space for everyone 
Bad things, fake love
forgotten !

I feel it all coming
that’s simply on the mind
You and I, we all
in the ultimate challenge.

O’viva the light
viva light molecules
you, the starships !
Viva, O’ viva, O’ light !

Here we are thus
in the distinct future 
that shall shape our fate
Light based energy
teleportations via the light
in the entire universe
will become the facts.

It will still be the initial stage
of what humans will be able
to do.

For the next stage
will be boundless
The multiverse
welcoming us.

As we know
human ambitions 
are endless
Shall it be possible
to travel faster than light ?
Both space and time travel ?

Wow, why not ! 
Even more !
The possibilities
of the multiverse
are unlimited.

Just open the gates
all the gates
via quantum physics
any other means
and you are there
where no time exists
You ! In the multiverse !

‘ Light, the Starship ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra December 2016
All Rights Reserved

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