‘ Humans vs. AI ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

A cat is sitting on the roof
trying to catch the Moon
an eagle is flying 
up the nightly sky
destination the stars!

Just imagine 
not so distant future
humans will compete 
with androids.

They will have 
their own consciousness
likes and dislikes 
and much more. 

We all are built 
from atoms though 
whether people or androids.

Some time ago I thought
future AI individuals
shall leave humans
far behind.

due to their advancement
shall be able 
to conquer the Universe
molecules of light their starships.

Yet I have forgotten
to notice 
the perfectionism
of human brains
The last word
not yet said!

Humans will be able 
to use AI 
to their own purposes
attaching it
to their own brains
Super humans 
shall be born!

It won’t be the end
for furthering 
of the human advancements.

Teleportations will become 
the next step
enabling humanity
space travel
time travel
entering the multiverse.

The question is 
who will solve 
all the entirety 
of the quantum physics
unveil dark matter 
as the first one.

Who will get the key
to the gates 
of the multiverse
in a more smooth way.

As in the case of androids
so in the case of humans
molecules of light
will be their starships, indeed.

The magics of deciphering
of all the codes there are
will bring fruits
nobody before thought about.

The question remains 
how shall it all develop
Shall the humans 
and AI individuals
be cooperating
or shall they be
friends turned foes?

For if they will become enemies
star wars will follow
The tragedy 
of never ending wars
on Earth
shall be brought
onto the vast Universe.

So quiet seem to be lives 
of some of us
at least in peaceful villages
somewhere there 
in the mountains
or on places
overlooking the oceans
that one might say
peace is forever.

Dogs are barking 
even at the slightest nuances 
of weather patterns
rabbits are escaping 
from a dangerous stray wolf
Life is going on...

‘ Humans vs. AI ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra January 2017
All Rights Reserved

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