' Tower Of Babel, episode ' 
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Stunned by what I saw in the Tower of Babel I directed myself to the elevator. Once in there I saw thousands of buttons one could see through, labyrinthine buttons of the Universe, shining with a briliance as if they were made of diamonds, the most precious stones
I pressed one of the buttons, a staggering number 10024, disbelieving there could be a floor with thisnumber although I have seen there the numbers in their hundred of thousands. It didn’t last long time to get to the chosen floor, perhaps a split of seconds and then the door got open at the speed of light, unnoticeably.
I stepped out of the elevator and … found myself in a large gathering room with all-American banners, the stars and stripes !
Was I dreaming or was it the fact ?! - I stood a moment completely surprised.
But then I began simply to walk among the many tables and to my new surprising discovery and outright astonishment 
I saw the Founding Fathers of the United States, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington and Samuel Adams. I saw there John Locke, Thomas Paine, Edgar Allan Poe, many other finest guests
including many presently known men and women of superdom.
A good luck wanted I met two great geniuses from the time of American struggle for independence, both James Madison and Thomas Paine talked to each other
holding their great historical works in their hands that changed the entire course of the modern civilizations, beginning with the USA.
James Madison had original manuscripts of the United States Bill of Rights, much of his authorship and Thomas Paine his book ' Rights of Man ', originally written in support of the French Revolution. They just gave welcoming hands to me, asked where I am from and after hearing I am from Poland they were delighted 
to mention the Constitution of the 3 May, 1791 in Poland, the second modern times constitution after the one cementing the USA in 1789.
We had a short chat, friendly and brotherly, they asked me whether I shall ever visit the United States, their beloved nation, naturally, and I answered it's my dream and sooner or later I shall come to the land of my dreams, to NYC especially but also to Chicago, San Francisco, many other places and the culmination will be the toast to freedom in the Statue of Liberty. Then we bade farewell to each other 'cause their schedule was busy and everybody went his own way
I was clearly happy to have met such larger than life personages but it took a few minutes before I realised I had in my hand one of the Federalist Papers, obviously gifted to me by James Madison.
In the meantime president Donald Trump stood up and went to the podium. He then began his presidential speech, one long in political phrases, demanding concern with what was happening in the Middle East and as much in the eastern parts of Ukraine, with Putin tearing the country apart. In both cases there was a need for fast decisions, according to him. 'The ISIS Caliphate must be destroyed, ‘cause they are brutal terrorists and what concerns Russia and Ukraine the war must be stopped', he said. He was, however, somehow favorable of Putin, saying he is a man he can work with, especially when it comes to deal with the international terror.
- ‘We shall stand on the side of liberty, no matter what‘, the US president concluded. - ‘God bless America‘ - He added.
There was a long ovation, people standing up from their chairs, some of them shouting: ‘Long live America ! Long live liberty!' And then all these was commenced by singing the American anthem.
I decided to leave the Tower of Babel, to leave also the vehicle of time and I was back in the real world.
Well, welcome back in the world of hardship, world of desires and ambitions and of life full of concerns, never ending anxieties, life worth though to live in.
One thing is sure about the two worlds I passed through, my real one I am always in and the one in the Tower of Babel, somehow also a real one, because both worlds are a yearning to freedoms, love, brotherhood, liberty, no matter what ! Both worlds are in fact one world, just both sides of the coin, for all times to come.

‘ Tower Of Babel, episode ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra​ January 2017
All Rights Reserved

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