‘ Symphony of the Lord ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Philharmonic symphony
radiates across the Universe
the medley of the Lord
and the spectacle
once and forever!

Just look into the skies
deeply listen to
with all you are
Angels and their harps
are with you!

The Cosmic Composer
Lord of the Heavens and Earth
uncovers before you
the ultimate music
one of the paradise.

Mozart and Beethoven
Chopin, Tchaikovsky
are His assistants
as many others.

O’listen to the music
godly one
Listen whoever you are
you, of soul and bones.

The rays of the music
one of the Universe
are spreading 
in their vocal beauty
The rays of sounds
the rays of the Lord!

Bewilder yourself
with this gossamer music
beyond anything
of unimaginable grandeur.

There are million of reasons
to cure earthly scars
Bad things never more
on the contrary
love and desire
life forever, infinity!

O’ Lord, my Lord, our Lord
you, the Cosmic Composer
be assured
we are Guardians of the Universe
yours and only yours!

O’ Lord, my Lord, our Lord
you, the Cosmic Conductor
let us listen
to your ultimate music
forever and ever!

‘ Symphony of the Lord ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra January 2017
All Rights Reserved

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