’ Light the Starship ’
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Strings of our minds
are all the notes of music
all the shades of love
all the varieties of life.

Quite alike the strings
that govern the stars
and the entire Universe.

Have you seen 
the starships
in the Star Wars sequels?

Well, get amazed
for the future starships
will be 
the molecules of light.

Light the starships
letting us humans
and AI androids
to spread
across the Universe.

The key to the puzzle
is in the quantum physics
Shall we decipher 
all of it
we will be able
to teleport.

Once it will be achievable
all the encoding
of the teleportation
will be injected
in the molecules of light.

No enormous spaceships
with high-velocity 
but light itself
even faster
will be our starships
bringing us 
to the distant stars.

By the way
no need to fear 
AI androids
Smart humans 
will empower themselves
with AI intelligence
in their own minds
Super humans
will be the result.

For now, there happens
so much
in your own mind
your inner Universe.

You seem to be 
on your sharpest wit
nobody and nothing 
can charm you so much
that you lose your mind.

Yet it happens!

One look
one smile
can shatter you
and your independent wit.

That other person
is on your mind
in your thoughts
your desires
Nothing else
is on your mind!

You feel the intensity
burning within you
with the power
of supernova
No way to escape it!

That’s the sign
you are losing your mind
over and over.

When that moment comes
you both are in love
that real one
you are on a trip
across the Universe
the inner one of your souls.

Love and light 
are the starships
in your lovemaking
as it will happen
one day in the future
when the humans
and AI androids
will teleport
into the streams of light
their starships
across the Universe.

‘ Light the Starship ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra February 2017
All Rights Reserved

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