"Mars, Venus and Earth"
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Mars was once 
alike Earth now
and Earth may look 
alike Mars 
some time from now.

the total degradation 
of the environment 
on our planet 
and the global change
is the key
to having Earth everlasting.

So yes, definitely yes
Mars is certainly
the warning to Earth!

What would happen 
with us
should our planet
turn into yet another Mars?

Would some of us
have a chance
to colonize
some other planet
unidentified yet?

These are questions
on issues of what if 
but never say never
something is happening
with Earth!

Life is going on
for the good and the bad
some lucky, some not
that’s simply 
what we call life.

The greatest disaster
in someone’s life
is when he/she is alone
left out!

A woman without a man
is like an orphan
but a man 
without a woman
more so
What to do with the toys!

O’ Eros, mighty Eros
don’t shoot your arrows
when one is alone
for if you do one gets mad!

The moral out of all of this is
we better govern ourselves
the right ways
beyond short-term goals
sometimes far beyond…

You see, Venus and Mars 
were once lovers
but what is left of them?
No sign of life! 

Or perhaps 
hibernated for a time
waiting for their beloved
the brothers and sisters
from Earth
to witness
a renaissance? 

Well, we shall see one day
how Mars, Venus and Earth
shall cope
or shall we?
Time will solve the puzzle!

"Mars, Venus and Earth" by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra​ March 2017
All Rights Reserved

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