"Beautiful Stranger”
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Every time I see you
passing me
on the length of our breaths
my throat is squeezed 
by sheer terror
of the realization
you are not mine
you, my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

My heart is falling
into dense thicket 
of wild growing roses’ thorns
badly bleeding 
to the singing of the choir
of the fallen angels
O’ my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

Shape of you is my honey
your body is what I desire
I don’t wanna live forever
I just want you, my angel!

Love on my brain
is like a tunnel vision
Nothing but you
are on my mind!

If only I could bounce it all back
all my desires back at you
a love boomerang
that would switch you on
let you stop, come up to me
and say the love spell words
I dream about
'I love you!'

Closer could it not be
denser as well
till the bed moments
us chained to the rhythms
of our lovemaking
unforgettable one!

I spy you in my thoughts
I call, mercy, please
Your body is 
like a deserted road
always green light 
never red stop!

Cold is there not existing
bad things even less
fake love a vanguard
the scars not ours.

I can not stop the feeling
I will possess you one day
There are million of reasons
I will find my way
for you are my madonna
my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

I don’t wanna know
what you think of me
You are perfect, not sure of I
Well, castle on the hill or not
I won’t give you up!

A believer I am in you
as nobody else
Let me thus love you
become my holly altar!

I think one day I’ll get crazy
I’ll be waiting for you
on the side of this road
with supermarket flowers
Dirt on my boots or not!

Every time I look back at you 
walking further 
and further away
I can not stomach it
is crashing me
O’ my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

Your body of angel
your long blonde hair 
alike strings of the wind
with their sounds
alike rays of the sun’s harp
enchanting me so
O’ my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

You are it all, believe me
the harp and a guitar
the piano and a saxophone
violin and trumpet
the ultimate symphony
of all the sounds
human ear can hear
O’ my beautiful stranger
shrouded by the Spring!

I lost my crimson heart for you
yearning to you all the time
Shades of love 
shall become our amulet
coruscating with the starry rays
Shades of love, the God’s bosons
in all their erotic diversities!

O’ beautiful stranger, my beautiful one
never let me out of your charms!
I am yours, you are mine
O’ beautiful stranger, my beautiful one!

"Beautiful Stranger” by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra February 2017
All Rights Reserved

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