" Me and my soul " , part 2
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Yesterday or rather
early today at 3 a.m.
I went finally to bed
What was strange
my soul was already sleeping
It has never been
such a case before
But I didn't bother
I had other things on my mind
watching TV, then video
listening to music
and sending e-mails
at the same time
scrolling pages on Facebook
and chatting with friends
having my Twitter open
my website
my Dreamweaver
the whole world
simply at my hands
I was thus busy
with so many things
How could I bother then
about my soul?
She was especially quiet
earlier this night
on the other hand
No playing with anything
no flying around
no trying to push things
out of my bookcase
certainly not my books
not even playing tricks
with Racker my dog
and Kitty my cat

I woke up late around 9 a.m.
Alarm clock must have
made a lot of noise
and my cat and dog too
before I really woke up
I felt something was missing
something very essential
But I was still so sleepy
I couldn't figure out.
I made a bit gymnastics
took cold and hot shower
shaved and washed myself
made breakfast for all of us
I mean for myself
Rakker and Kitty
And then while eating
I suddenly realized
what really was missing
' Where's my soul,
where she's gone ? '
I asked myself
She was nowhere to be found
around in my apartment
neither to be ' seen ' nor heard
nor even felt
I shook my head in disapproval
It did never happen so far
My breakfast, our breakfast
was always so important
to have it together
We were then best friends
even if we quarrelled
the day before
' Rakker, where is my soul ? '
I made a noise
' Kitty, do you know
where she is ' - I shouted
Rakker, the boxer
made only funny mimicry
one he usually did
every time I spoke to him
Kitty on the other hand
turned herself away from me
She was unwilling
to listen to me, of course
She had her own wits
For the rest of my breakfast
my mind was preoccupied
with only one thing
' Where is my soul ? '
I knew I can do nothing
without my soul
Or perhaps I could do something
but it was not the same
She was too precious to me
There was nothing
like to be or not to be
There must have been
to be, to be and yet again to be

The day was passing slowly
and there was still
no trace of my soul
I behaved strangely at my job
not really doing what I should do
not listening to anyone
not caring for anything
with apathy
feeling sickly
with no energy
no sense of life
When I returned home
I didn't greet Rakker and Kitty
the way I usually did
Yes, I went outside
with my dog
but I was silent
all the way
and my dog too
I think, Rakker somehow felt
something was wrong
The evening came
and my soul
was still not around
' Can I get used
to live without her ? '
I contemplated
No, I couldn't
I knew she was given to me
by God, as a gift
God's gift
she was God's imprint
of me, the other one
known only to God
which made of us both
something really whole

I tried to make best
of my evening
watching film on TV
scrolling through Internet
but there was no pleasure in it
No pleasure at all in anything
Even my dog and my cat
stopped giving attention to me
Midnight was passing
and I thought it's time
to go to bed
I wrote yet a few notes
when suddenly
midnight sunshine
appeared in the window
of my appartment
My heart was pounding loud
I knew my soul was back
She flew to my table
careless as if nothing happened
' Where have you been ? '
I asked her angrily
but my face radiated
with new born happiness
'Teddy, you wouldn't believe
we had a great party... '
she answered, while being
bright as the northern lights
' A great party ? ' - I interrupted her
' Yes ' - she answered
' In New York, with my friends,
In the Statue of Liberty '
' In the Statue of Liberty ?
With your friends ? '
I couldn't believe what I heard
' And...who are your friends ? '
I asked, disbelievingly
' My friends are some other souls
from every corner
of this world. '
She answered simply.
' We just wanted to get
known each other '
She narrated then her story to me
She and other souls
had the whole Statue of Liberty
only for themselves
They enjoyed themselves
immensely, had their own party
going on the whole night
and the whole day
and promised themselves
to organise such parties
more often
in different parts of the world
I counted fast
it was possible she enjoyed
the previous night
taking into the account
the diffrent local time
She also recollected
when she and her friends
the other souls of course
watched the skyline of Manhattan
and the whole New York
from within the Statue of Liberty
they brought toast to freedom
and liberty, and to dignity
of men and women around the world
The sky was shiny
full of stars at that moment
as much as shiny was New York
with lights some sort of other stars
in every single window

It was again three at night
when I and my soul
my Rakker and my Kitty
went finally to sleep
saying to each other goodnight
This was my best ever ' goodnight '
thanks to being
reunited with my soul
the sunshine of my life
Me and my soul
What could be more precious
to me than my own soul ?
Goodnight my soul !

" Me and my soul " , part 2
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , April, 2013
All Rights Reserved

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