by Thaddeus Hutyra

Andreyev Golubin, the ruthless KGB boss
boiled himself over with a complete rage
- ‘ Sergiej Chatunov was my best agent ! 
I think Tadek Vanguard and his Australian companion 
must have killed him ! 
I have no longer any news about him
and it looks he disappeared for good
there in the Burmese jungle
Two guys outmanoeuvred us all ! Is this not a shame ?! '
None of the attendants dared to say a word
They came with mixed feelings to this emergency meeting
They have already known 
that many things have gone a terribly wrong way
for them all, of course, the double agents, the traitors

They could not believe now 
how they could be so optimistic back then
when they met for the first time in Cracow
the ancient town of Poland and certainly one 
of the most picturesque cities in the world
It was 1980 at that time. They chose Cracow 
not only for their first meeting 
but also for all the other meetings
because in the era of the so-called ‘ Cold War ‘
Cracow was one of the least suspicious places
just a cultural and academic centre 
the one nothing to do with politics
and the one for the sort of people as they were
people who had to be careful, very careful
because everybody knew them
They were, indeed, well known
on both sides of the Iron Curtain

Andreyev Golubin was always the first among them
the most important one, the KGB boss
who had direct links with his overlords at the Kremlin
He was the one who invented most energy
behind their creation, the strategy Beehive
He was the one who kept in touch with all of them
constantly, via secret networks
He was the one who protected them 
or assisted them 
with removing or at least silencing their opponents
They thought they were equals 
but in fact he was the one who pulled the strings
Their ‘ inner board ‘ of their gatherings 
consisted of the men of the West and the East
Jack Foster, the director of the CIA section in New York
Patrick Waltersh, the boss of MI6 in its London part
Ruud Hendrix Temmerman, a Belgian 
who felt ‘ at home ‘ in the NATO headquaters in Brussels
two Polishmen: Andrzej Tomczat, a senior military man
with a military title of a colonel in the Polish army
and Seweryn Tetmarczyk, a director 
of SB, the Polish special security agency
furthermore three Russian spies who were rather assistants
to Sergiej Chatunov, their supreme boss
and finally the legendary Carlos. 

Already by the end of 1980 
they had their strategy ready
finished with a masterful touch 
According to the strategy
there was due to be orchestrated a coup d’etat 
in one of the western countries, New Zealand
with the assistance of the Soviet Union
New Zealand would instantly, just overnight
become a communist dictatorship 
and a member country of the communist bloc
Thanks to this, according to Andreyev Golubin
the mastermind behind all of this
the communist bloc would become 
a vanguard among the nations of the world
the way to go, especially for the doubting countries
in the divided, the so called Third World

The chance for the global supremacy of the Soviet Union 
would rapidly increase 
Finally Pax Sovietus would become the absolute reality
all over the world and the USA would end on its knees
They gave a glorious name to their offspring: ‘ Strategy Beehive ‘
the name taken from the official name 
of the governmental building in Wellington, New Zealand
One day, however, Andreyev Golubin announced to them
there was a … traitor among them
Most of them panicked then
especially the double agents from the West
Their lives afterwards were never the same 
a continuous nightmare
How did Andreyev Golubin know
that there was a traitor among them nobody really knew
Andreyev Golubin himself felt mad 
because he also did not know who was the traitor.

In fact, there was someone within their inner circle 
who knew it : it was the Polishman, Andrzej Tomczat
a patriot and a secret enemy of the communist system 
and especially of the Soviet Union, the evil empire
He knew the truth and yet someone else 
from outside of the group
a young American double agent, James Towers 
who sold himself to the KGB
Primarily all this was a result of a mistake
from Carl Lewis, the CIA boss in Washington’s section
who sent James Towers to him
Andrzej Tomczat grimaced whenever he thought about it
He was a double agent working for Americans
but things got complicated because of James Towers
The first time Andrzej Tomczat 
trusted the young American
partially because Carl Lewis told him to do so
and so he passed to him a copy of the strategy
asking him to bring it as soon as possible to Carl Lewis
It was December evening that time 
and he invited the American 
to one of many cabarets on the Cracow Square
the so-called ‘ Joy Cabaret ‘
a place of satirical entertainment
thousands of political jokes, laugh, singing
heavy drinking and a decadent life

It was then when he made a mistake
he told James Towers he also made another copy of the strategy 
and gave it to his Polish friend, Tadek Vangard
who was just leaving the country within days
When he heard the news 
about the traitor later on from Andreyev Golubin
his shock was uppermost
It was clear to him now 
that James Towers did not pass the strategy 
to Carl Lewis but to ... Andreyev Golubin
and also that he informed the KGB boss
Tadek Vangard was in the possession 
of a copy of the strategy
The truth was it was not exactly like this
Yes, Tadek Vangard had the copy of it 
but he knew nothing about it
Apparently James Towers did not say to the KGB boss 
from whom did he get the strategy
Because of it a sort of status quo evolved 
between Andrzej Tomczat and James Towers
They both had to keep silence about each other 
or otherwise both of them would be gone 
Andrzej Tomczat swore to himself 
he will make a revenge on the American traitor one day.

He could say the truth and only the truth to Carl Lewis
but then both, James Towers and he himself 
would be dead within minutes. Simple a chain reaction …
And he was not ready to die, not yet
He wanted to make something for the cause
to repair the damage and let the communist system go down
He had the tools to do it
he worked within a powerful inner circle of those 
who wanted to beat the capitalist system
he had often the first hand news from the KGB boss
the one who secretly orchestrated
many deadly things with the rulers of the Kremlin
Perhaps he was a traitor for the East bloc
but he was a patriot who wanted Poland
his beloved country out of it
and back in the free world.

Now it was already 1985 and he still had to live 
with the consequences of what James Towers did
- ‘ I know whom in fact is Steven Mac Dantosch ‘ 
Jack Foster, the CIA chief from NYC broke the silence
- ‘ His real name is … Steven Burrows. He is a murderer ‘
- ‘ How do you know it ? I mean his name ?
How do you know his real name ? ‘
Andreyev Golubin asked him
He seemed to be astonished by the revelation
- ‘ I am sure you heard about Harry Gullivers
The whole world knows him.
He is an oil entrepreneur, in the state of Texas
and he owns numerous enterprises 
on a worldwide scale
especially the ‘ Galaxy Entertainments ‘
a corporation he owns together 
with the father of Steven Burrows
If he chooses so, he can easily become 
the president of the United States of America
Most respected and … nobody knows
he is the greatest mafia godfather
America ever had. He is my…friend ‘
The news was like a bombshell 
like a miraculous balsam to Andreyev Golubin 
who seemed to recover peace of his mind at once

- ‘ This is the only good news for me today 
but excellent one. Thank you, Jack.
Perhaps you can contact me with him one day … Can you ? ‘ 
He said exceptionally friendly way 
- ‘ Of course, Andreyev, my friend. As soon as you only wish
I think you both could manage to make 
a lot of good things … I am sure you'll like him ‘ 
- ‘ We have to end today’s meeting ‘ 
Andreyev Golubin returned to the schedule
- ‘ When it is necessary I will call you 
For now, we … all of us … have only one task to do
and it is ... to find the guy,Tadek Vangard 
and take the strategy away from him. Kill him
Eliminate also his Australian companion
Understood ?! ... Carlos, I count especially on you ‘
- ‘ And the traitor ?…What about him ?…
I am dying from uncertainties ’ - Patrick Waltersh
the MI6 chief in London’s section of the MI6 asked mournfully
- ‘ Leave it to me.’ - Andreyev Golubin snarled at him
He did not like this English coward
He was sure as hell the guy did not like him either

‘ THE PUZZLE ABOUT STRATEGY BEEHIVE, episode 8 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 19/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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