' MELISSA CHARLEROI, episode 7 '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Yet the same day they said goodbye 
to their Burmese friend, Khon Hun Sat 
and went throughout the jungle 
in the western direction 
towards Bangladesh, the country 
which was one of the poorest countries in the world
overpopulated, predominantly Muslim
and regularly experiencing monstrous disasters
often flooded, without any ways of escape
It was not very far 
to the eastern part of Bangladesh
a week on foot, but dangerous
the jungle was full of wild animals
In fact it took more than one week 
before they found themselves out of Burma 
and within Bangladesh
in its most south-eastern part called Chittagong.

The jungle seemed to be endless
How many snakes, whatever sorts
including cobras and anacondas
Steven Mac Dantosch had to kill with his katana
they could not remember. Just very, very many
Once they crossed the border 
Steven Mac Dantosch threw away his katana
He also dreamt about ending with any violence 
as much as Tadek Vangard did.

They felt tired and dreamt about the rest
Finally such a chance came 
when they found themselves 
in the vicinity of a strange place
with what before were houses
now pierced and taken over by the jungle
the so called ‘ dead town ‘
something what used to be a village
swallowed by the jungle ever since
with no signs of a human life
completely won over by the jungle, indeed
in the ruins, with jungle trees
tearing the houses apart
There was, however, more space there 
and easier to walk than usually was the case
in their escapade throughout the jungle.

Suddenly, unmistakably … they heard a cry
one reminiscent of a girl’s cry
A cry which sounded very dramatic
the more dramatic that they did not expect 
any sign of human life within this strange place
The cry alarmed them enormously
It could be located in one of the ruined houses
the one which was a bit less in ruins 
than the other ones, torn apart by a number of trees
They approached carefully the ghostly house
entered gently its porch 
and went further in via the corridor

There were a number of rooms with closed doors 
but only the last room had partially open door
through which they could hear now 
a very clear cry, one clearly of a girl
They peeped to the room 
through the chinks of the hinges at the door
Their heads jumped off automatically 
and a tearing rage appeared on their faces
which burned now from sheer anger 
like if they were torches
A girl, about thirteen years old one
was raped by strange guys
in oriental clothing on them

Enraged Steven Mac Dantosch 
ran vehemently into the room
ascended up in the air like a jaguar 
with perhaps the most dynamic ever
movement of his body 
and hit with both of his legs 
the first of the two oriental guys
those nearest to him
They found themselves instantly
out of their consciousness
not even knowing what happened to them
It was easy for Steven Mac Dantosch 
to knock down a third guy with his powerful blows
With the fourth foe it was not so easy
the guy knew the martial arts of fighting

Steven Mac Dantosch was taken aback 
and found himself under the enemy
Smeared all over by the sweat and stench 
of the body of his foe, he tried to set himself free 
from the steely handgrip of his enemy
How such girl could do it, when he could not ?
He feigned that he gave up the fight 
and is the one who is beaten
Satisfied Arab loosened his steely handgrip a bit
Steven Mac Dantosch waited just for it
He slid out from under his foe 
and in the twinkling of an eye 
catapulted up the air with a lightning speed
and then made a powerful scissors like blow 
with both of his legs, a lethal one
thrusting them concentrically at the guy
with absolutely great dynamics 
The monster was instantly finished off.

Tadek Vangard was already at the side of the girl
who cried now in his arms
Soon afterwards they already knew nearly everything 
what they should have known at this stage
both, from the oriental guys and the child
The guys were middlemen and were on their way 
to a harem of one rich sheik in Saudi Arabia 
The girl in the meantime was mishandled for years 
by a Belgian pedophile, Michael Ducrouix
who sold her to the Arabian sheik 
and she was being just brought to him
by the smuggling rings of criminals
The girl was Belgian, a blue eye angel.

- ‘ What is your name ? ‘ - Tadek Vangard asked her
- ‘ Melissa Charleroi. ‘ - The golden haired girl answered
Steven Mac Dantosch stroked her on her head
- ‘ Do not be afraid. ‘ - He said
- ‘ Never again anything bad will happen to you.
We will bring you to the Belgian Embassy in Dhakka 
and you will be soon reunited with your parents ‘
An anger swirled through the face of the girl
- ‘ I don't want to return to my parents ! ‘
She began to shout, her eyes on fire 
- ‘ I don't want to know them !
They did nothing to find me! 
For years ! They forgot me ! ‘
She began to cry again, spasmodically.

Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch 
exchanged their glances between themselves
They knew there will be many troubles
The girl was mistreated mentally and physically
and mishandled for years
They knew it will be very difficult for her 
to return to the normal life
Her childhood probably was already lost
Yet, they had to do for her the best
They knew they will try to convince her 
to return to her parents
who surely must have searched her 
and were anguished by her disappearance.

However, they also knew they could do nothing 
against her overwhelming wish
If she still had some wish left within herself 
it had to be cherished like some best 
and most precious diamond in the world
This was the key to her mental recovery …

Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard 
bound hands and feet of the Arabs so much 
they were unable to make any movements
- ‘ The snakes will eat them alive ‘
Steven Mac Dantosch bitingly remarked 
They took off for a further trip soon afterwards
The girl tried her best and never complained
Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch 
felt it all the time, astonished by her brave behavior
She wanted to be with them, her saviours
She wanted to be with them on an equal footage
as one of the friends, the first friends she ever had 
She did not want to be a hindrance
a stumbling block to them, on the contrary
They had impression she indeed felt somehow 
she was liberated for good from the evil experiences 
at the hands of beasts who mishandled her
The sun reappeared to her in its shiny colours.

Yet Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard 
felt deeply concerned
They had no idea how to help her
except of the one idea 
to send her back to her parents
But she did not want it
They had one more dilemma
not less complicated than their own dilemmas
They decided to let her be with them
for the time being
let her regain her mental strength
somehow forget the bad past
and then convince her
to return to her parents
For the time being she could be with them
yet another companion, one of three of them.

At noon of the next day 
they found themselves in Cox Bazaar
the biggest town in the province Chittagong
of Bangladesh, the country of the poor.

‘ MELISSA CHARLEROI, episode 7 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 19/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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