' Crying Soul '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Could you tell me, my friend
what could be done
not a soul would cry
in this unjust world ?
Say, say, say, what could be done
there are no crying souls anymore.

Walking in the yellowed fields
of sunflowers open to the Sun
dreaming of goodness
of not even one crying soul
in the vast environments of Earth
in all their images, with human on the top.

Sitting in imaginary Aleppo cafe
watching the frightened passerbye
The Apocalypse Now arrived
one of the ISIS Islamist terror 
and of the devil’s reign
bringing upon the end of humanity.

Watching fearful people
rushing to their shelters in Donetsk
Terrified of every sound 
of a detonated bomb
What’s for them the matter of life and death
is a chess alike game for the Kremlin.

My dream is of not even one soul
falling into the sea of despair
of not even one soul
crying in the corner of her flat
of not even one soul
falling into the chasm of oblivion.

Oh, my dear, unknown friend
could you tell me
what should be done
there is not even one crying soul ?
Let us form a chain of souls
holding hands of all the souls.

‘ Crying Soul ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 24/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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