' Ninja, episode 6 '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


- ‘ Steven, how did you manage to make it ? ‘
Tadek Vangard asked, immensely surprised
he managed to free himself from the shackles
- ‘ Shh…Shh…’ - Steven Mac Dantosch whispered
- ‘ You know, Tadek, that I can always contrive something 
and nothing really is impossible for me
I will try to free us both
It will be difficult if not impossible for the moment
I must deal with a hundred of soldiers
right now, fast and decisively
We have not any other choice
Tadek, listen now good to me
in the case if I am unable to free you now
believe me, I will surely get you out of their hands
later on, you have my word
At least one of us must be free right now
You got it ? ‘
- ‘ Yes, I got it, Steven
I’ll keep my fingers crossed you succeed
Try your best and do not concern yourself with me now ‘
Tadek Vangard answered him
He understood his friend perfectly.

The soldiers stopped smoking their cigarettes 
and returned to their vans
Steven Mac Dantosch sprang to his feet
and from then on everything occurred 
as if all of a sudden a violent, tropical storm have arisen
Everything looked as if it was he who sowed the wind 
and reaped the whirlwind
most incandescent performance
He went wild and seemed not to care 
that he stirred up a nest of hornets
and even snakes could have woken up
His powerful blows hit the first soldiers
then the next ones, and next ones
He himself was like if he were a tornado man
his movements extremely fast
blows almost deadly efficient
Tadek Vangard could do nothing but only watch
staggered by what he saw
He was tied up, in shackles, unable to move
He bit his lips with his teeth 
and felt the blood was going 
out of his lips down his chin
He prayed silently asking God to save his friend.

Steven Mac Dantosch did things which looked
like gymnastics in the air under the circus tent
swirling in the air with easiness 
like if he were the top class gymnast 
and he surely was one judging from his performance
of the crashing stars from the sky
He found himself inside a powerfully armoured van
one of the many in the jail's courtyard
It all happened in a split of seconds, it seemed
Seated now behind a driving wheel he went like crazy 
directly to the gate, crashed at it, broke it into two halves 
and then turned over and over into the narrow streets 
in order to disappear from the eyes of his enemies
The nearby inhabitants must have thought
that a revolution was under way in their country.

The action which Steven Mac Dantosch orchestrated 
was so sudden many soldiers were still dissoriented
Soon afterwards six vans set off 
in pursuit of Steven Mac Dantosch, with noisy alarms on
Tadek Vangard had a sigh of relief
he was sure they will not catch his friend
not after all this, his action of brilliance
He felt happy his friend managed it
but at the same time a deep sorrow filled his heart 
when he realised what evil he could expect 
from those he was now at their mercy
He could always count on his friend
under condition, of course
he will outmanoeuvre his pursuers
He wished it with all of his heart.

From now on he had nothing else but hell
He was taken down to an underground cell
misty, dark, dirty beyond anything to say 
and without a window, without even a hole 
through which he could observe the passing days
He no longer knew 
whether actually it was a day or a night
What was the worst he was continually tortured
The tormentors wanted him to say 
that he was indeed a spy, an Australian spy
One day or night, he no longer knew it
he finally revealed the truth 
at one of the cruel interrogations: he is from Poland 
From now on, something strange happened
They stopped torturing him, let him wash himself
gave him some of his belongings and soon afterwards 
took him inside an armoured van to the compound
of the…Soviet Embassy in Rangoon.

There he again found himself in an underground cell
Once again he was interrogated 
this time by an Embassy official 
whose name was Sergiej Chatunov
Tadek Vangard was sure the guy was a KGB officer
Quite soon he realised why he was interrogated
- ‘ Where is the Strategy Beehive ? ‘
Sergiej Chatunov asked him straightforwardly
- ‘ I don’t know. I know nothing 
about that devilish strategy, whatever it is
Nothing at all ! Leave me in peace ! ‘
Tadek Vangard answered with anger
Hatred appeared in the eyes of the Russian
- ‘ You know it ! You'll tell us this ! ‘ - He began to shout.

The next several days or nights
Tadek Vangard again experienced 
as cruel tortures as before 
at the hands of the Burmese tormentors
There was no a piece of his body 
which would not be pierced, burned or electrocuted
He was lost in hopeless, desperate state
They wanted from him something he knew nothing about
Was it not vicious ? 
He could not see any solution to the problem
It looked death was the only solution
Yet he could not let it happen
He was not ready to die, not yet
And then, in a miraculous like flash within his mind
he realised that, perhaps, there might be a way out
He realised he had to … lie. Yet again.

- ‘ You are right. I have the strategy Beehive ‘
He said to Andreyev Chatunov at the next interrogation
A sparkle of happiness lighted up
in the almond-green eyes of the Russian KGB officer
- ‘ Give it to us and we will let you go. ‘ - He said
Tadek Vangard knew he could not expect anything good 
out of those beasts. They looked human 
but they were not human. They were absolute beasts 
KGB trained beasts, without any feelings, serving the evil ! 
He had to outmanoeuvre them with his mind
- ‘ The strategy Beehive is downloaded on USB stick
and is hidden inside of a temple nearby Mandalay
Only I know where it is exactly placed. ‘ - He said
A consternation appeared on the face of Sergiej Chatunov 
- ‘ Well, we'll go there soon and you will give it to us ‘
He said after a moment of hesitation.

A few days later the expedition of twenty people
all Russian KGB military guys, got on the way
Tadek Vangard had no idea what he will do next
He had to improvise and seek ways 
to escape them in the meantime
But was there a possibility for it ? 
Everything suggested there was no way to escape
Perhaps if Steven Mac Dantosch were here with him
they would find a way for an escape
but not when he was alone, watched constantly by the Russians
The escape was indeed not possible
Luckily he read a bit about Burma when he lived in Poland
He read about the so-called ‘ Tanbodhay Temple ‘
in an ancient, ruined town of Monywa
taken over by the slashingly beautiful jungle
one hundred and thirty five kilometres north-east of Mandalay
He informed Sergiej Chatunov they have to go there.

- ‘ Why have you said before that the strategy 
is hidden in one of the temples in Mandalay 
instead of just naming the specific temple ? ‘
Sergiej Chatunov asked, suppressing his anger with a difficulty
Tadek Vangard was content seeing mixed feelings 
on the face of his tormentor
- ‘ I had in my mind the Mandalay region
not just the city of Mandalay. ‘ - He answered dryly 
- ‘ O.K. We go there yet today ‘ - was the Chatunov’s decision
- ‘ Wait a moment. There aren’t any roads to Monywa 
We have to get there through a jungle 
and then up the river Chindwin
with waterfalls on the way
Monywa is not really a town
not even a village…It’s just a temple
with a number of Buddhist monks
It will take time, a week perhaps, before we’ll get there ‘
Tadek Vangard hoped now 
he can escape his oppressors there in the jungle
- ‘ Damn ! ‘ - Sergiej Chatunov groused.

Tadek Vangard refused any further explanations
He kept his mouth sealed
The next day the expedition was again on the move
with one more man, a Burmese guide
They went, for a few days, through a devine jungle
then up the river and in the end 
up the picturesque waterfalls 
Soon they were already quite close 
to the Tambodhay Temple
as they were assured by the guide
Unfortunately there was no slightest way 
for Tadek Vangard to escape
He was simply watched too good

Finally they found themselves in front of the temple
which was partially in the ruins
They entered then the temple
- ‘ Here is death awaiting me. ‘ - Tadek Vangard realised 
what he felt already for some time
They were astonished to see thousands 
of Buddha sculptures all over it
At the centre of the temple was situated 
a monumental, seated Buddha, gilded
a five meters high monument
The face of Buddha mirrored a smile 
like if he were a perpetual optimist
What an ironic situation was it ! 
On the one hand the smiling Buddha
on the other hand the forthcoming death… 

From beside of the monument a Buddhist monk 
with a hood on his head, covering also his face 
showed up before them
- ‘ Monk, what are you doing here ?! 
Don’t disturb us ! ‘
Annoyed Sergiej Chatunov yelled out
The Buddhist monk gave a sign he wants to say something
He approached Sergiej Chatunov
Once next to him he threw away his monk’s cover
In his hand swished and whistled sharp katana 
which looked like a fire pierced by the radiance of light
The head of Sergiej Chatunov, cut off, has fallen down 
towards the feet of the seated, smiling Buddha
Nearly at the same time the same happened 
with six other Russian KGB agents
They were hit by some strange objects 
in the shape of metallic stars 
the Ninjas usually use when they fight
The same happened with the rest of the Russians
disoriented and unable to fight as fast as the ‘ monk ‘ did it 
and his Burmese friend who stroke them from behind
It all just lasted staggeringly short a moment

When it was all over, the ‘ monk ‘ approached Tadek Vangard 
and embraced with him
- ‘ Steven, you are a master ! I did not know 
you are also a … Ninja. And what a Ninja !! ‘
Tadek Vangard whispered to his ‘ lost ‘ friend
‘ Lost ‘, as it seemed to him at times
- ‘ Tadek, do you remember what I said ? 
I said you can rely on me. Sooner or later 
I will set you free
Sorry, it took more time than I originally thought
I was unable to do earlier anything on your behalf
The Russians isolated you quite successfully 
from the outside world
I searched for all options and non was good enough
Only this expedition gave me a chance 
to plot freeing you up ‘
- ‘ Thank you, Steven. You saved my life
You know … I am happy and sad at the same time
I cannot look at these corpses just moment ago alive ‘ 
- ‘ This was an extreme situation
If I didn’t kill them they would kill us ' - His friend answered 

They looked at each other in an intense way
- ‘ Tadek, how’s that possible 
they organised this expedition so far towards this temple ? ‘
Steven Mac Dantosch asked a moment later
- ‘ I … lied. I said I’ve hidden USB stick 
containing strategy Beehive, here, in this temple ‘
Steven Mac Dantosch began to laugh
- ‘ You did wisely because only thanks to this 
I could do something on your behalf
If you were seated there 
inside the Soviet Embassy’s compound
I would be unable to do anything ‘
- ‘ They tortured me, Steven ‘
- ‘ Yes, I know, nothing else could have been expected 
from those KGB trained beasts
I see now, Tadek, you really are as much in trouble as I am
I mean they will pursue you 
until they can get that shitty strategy, whatever strategy it is
And … paradoxically, you don’t have it
And … they don’t believe it. A complete shit ! 
This is not the end of your troubles. Let’s go outside ‘
- ' Wait a moment, Steven. How did you know I will be here ?
Is it something to do with the Burmese guide ? ‘
- ‘ Yes, he was my spy, my eyes and ears
within the colonnade you were in ‘
- ‘ Now I know it, thanks Steven ‘ - Tadek Vangard concluded
They left the smiling Buddha
who was contemplating the corpses around him

‘ Ninja, episode 6 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 18/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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