' Final Call '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


My Lord, God Almighty, Lord of the Heavens
the Lord of the stars in the fields of the Universe
why Tolstoy’s War and Peace, never ending
all those napoleonic wars, the nazi wars
dying brave soldiers without weapons given to them
as in Debaltseve, many other Ukrainian places
the soldiers who died in cruel circumstances
their souls watching us now from the Heavens.

Birdsongs in the nests of the mockingbirds
and in the Nicholson’s Cuckoo’s nests
are expressing all the wretched situations
of the men who are the jokers of the fate
Men to men, the modern Abels and Cains
the merciless godfathers of bloody struggles
for material things of the Hell’s origin
No dignity but a cry from the coffins
men turned to vampires, servicing Dracula.

How many Frankensteins did we have
of our own making, our own design and stupidity
All those arrogant kings and monarchs
pricing more their own likes and dislikes
than dignities of the ordinary folk
There had to be the French revolution
and the revolution among the American states
to try to rescue drowning victims
from the oceans of bloodshed and injustice.

But no, the humanity seemingly never learns
Adolf Hitler came and the Nazis with him
with their Holocaust, the extermination of the Jews
Joseph Stalin, the godfather of communism
no less cruel Mao Tse Tung, the Chinese tyrant
Pol Pot, ayatollah Khomenei, countless other tyrants
Putin among them with his aggression against Ukraine
finally the so called ISIS Caliphate on the top of it all
the ultimate evil there ever was and still is.

Ask the Horse Whisperer what we should do
ask the philosophers what has gone wrong
ask the Vanity Fair is there the golden prescription
on how to end the caricatural War and Peace
My dear Ulysses, Harry Potter, Alice in the Wonderland
could you make a difference to all of it ?
It looks the nightmares of the Nineteen Eighty Four
are still actual in this new century
galvanised by what Putin is doing in Ukraine.

My Lord, the Heavenly monarch of all times
the emperor of the earthly and the heavenly
of the dead and the alive, one who can resurrect
even those who are fully turned into the ash
show us the right paths woven from the rays
and from the strings of the starry light
May every dew of the morning’s dawn
and every remaining heat of the evening’s sunset
turn to our advantage, no more war but peace !

How I would love to become an invisible man
the sound and the fury from nowhere to be seen
the lighthouse seen only to me but not by my enemies
the Song of Solomon and the Odyssey of the modern times
the Canterbury Tales and Gulliver’s Traveler
the Social Contract and Discourses man of wisdom
to finally reverse all the fallings down to abyss
of the humankind and the human civilisations.

How I would love to be Marlon Brando
the Catcher in the Rye, the Great Gatsby
only to reverse things going badly down
and catch the brave new world of the new century
invigorate it with fresh drops of God’s dew
enlighten it with billions of starry rays
I would become the modern Othello
singing the Shakespearean sonnets
although still the invisible man with my crusade
for beauteous, everlasting peace and dignity.

All hearts of darknesses must be gone
all guys without honour must be put aside
the rays of freedoms must be caught back
and placed in the rightful places in our lives
alongside the symphonic rays of the Sun and the stars
Although an invisible man behind all those changes
I would hold the Golden Compass so long
till we all rejoiced in the final symphony of peace.

May swing dance takes over the Emerald Isle
all the isles in the world, the starry jewels of Earth
May trance and techno spreads worldwide
may young people take over from their parents
and go into the deep waters where it was failed
turn the failures of the past into victories
for the new centuries of peace, ultimately 
Let’s hold our hands together and sing 
the song of peace, the song of the Lord Almighty.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid 
although we’re at the end of the story
we’re still at the very beginning as always so far
in the long and tragic history of the humankind
Well, what should be done we all could live
in the world of peace, never again war ?
Certainly human rights issues should be accepted
as well as democratic forms of governance
and never means of war, never ever !!
But yet again, what with men as Putin, militants as ISIS
How can we finally regain peace, ladies and gentlemen ?

‘ Final Call ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra  22/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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