' Tower Of Babel, episode 25 '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


I went by the elevator to the very top 
of the majestic Tower of Babel
A terrace appeared before me
one hidden in the lordly clouds
looking like the royal swans
extraterrestrial swans of the Universe

The Sun’s rays were the harp
playing the music of the Heavens
Mysterious waitresses with the wings
were bringing morning coffee to me
I heard all the melodies of the world
and swallowed them deep into my mind

I have sipped my delectable coffee
watching the superb wonders there
high in the sky among the clouds
where the earthly met the heavenly
and souls were free to dance
to the tunes of the music of the skies

Life was a harmony healed by rays
of all the tones getting out of the harp
an incandescent music of unity
to delight myself timelessly with 
Every my breadth brought new notes
to sing the melodies long forgotten

I was not the only soul there
on the terrace among the clouds
There were other souls like me there
as marvellous astray souls
the earthly souls in the embrace of Heavens
or perhaps like me just adventurous ones

My Lord, let this dream last forever
let me enjoy this everlasting peace
and sip my coffee, gather my thoughts
let me touch the right sparking chords
as the music generated from the harp
celestial one, formed out of the Sun’s rays

I don’t know how long I really was there
on the terrace of the Babel’s Tower
but when I returned to the elevator
and looked at all the shining buttons
I felt again a free, reborn man
with effervescent body and mind

I knew my trip across the Tower of Babel
was far from the completed journey
There was so much yet to discover
apart from the pendulum of time
The rays of the Sun and of the stars
beamed alternately the perpetual music

‘ Tower Of Babel, episode 25 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 21/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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