' Pax Satan, episode 1 '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Yes, indeed. It was Satan
His eyes were not really human alike
they were like eyes of a beast
his body was covered by thick hairs 
and the claws on his hands and legs
upper and lower limbs rather
were like the stamps of a genius
Nevertheless, his face was half human 
and an odd strength emanated out of it
air of some strange mystery
a male magnetism of some sort indeed
such one, which caused that women let themselves 
to elope with the one who ensnared them

My goodness, they would not go away 
from the lover’s arms
the fifty shades of grey, indeed
They would not go away 
even from the stranger’s arms
Even from the arms of …
- ‘ Oh, no ! ‘ - Human soul yells 
at the top of one's voice
- ‘ I want you to go, by hook or by crook
to the United States, my domain from now on
You find a guy who must become the president 
of the United States of America ‘
- Satan said with sepulchral voice
- ‘ This will be the first step 
towards the new world order
the order called from now on … Pax Satan ‘

Both, Carlos, the legendary assassin and Harry Gullivers
the biggest mafia godfather in America since Al Capone
began to feel a sort of triumph
Suddenly ... what was it ?
Satan changed instantly his looks
Carlos and Harry Gullivers have exchanged 
their glances to each other
The world actually, and the Universe certainly
had to have not just four only dimensions 
as it is perceived but millions of dimensions

Satan’s appearance was now one 
of a typical big town gentleman
his creamy-white suit was made of silk 
and it looked everything else he wore
was based on incandescent silk 
because even his gilded tie was of silk
Many women, ladies even 
would lose virtue to such a man
but … if they knew who was the man ?!
There was no doubt 
that Satan possessed immense powers
the powers of darkness
and certainly was a Cameleon

- ‘ Well,do you agree ? ‘ - Satan asked
- ‘ Oh, yes ! ‘ - Carlos and Harry Gullivers 
almost cried out
They were ready to sell their souls
in exchange for power
but in fact their souls were already lost
a long time ago
solely in the possession
of the ‘ gentleman ‘ they just talked to
- ‘ Then let’s toast to the success of Pax Satan ! ‘
- the gentleman from the hell said ...

‘ Pax Satan, episode 1 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 16/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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