Moving On
by Ken Blick

Packing Up
I'm packing up and moving on.
The carpets been removed,
I shall not tarry long.
One thing I have to say,
before you shut the door.
I wanted everything with you,
and oh much more.
If this is wasted time,
turn back the clock on me.
You think I'm blind,
but honey I can still see.
I'm packing up and moving on.
There's no more reason,
for my heart to beat so strong.
When I dream at night,
it's not of you and I.
I'm tired of always
giving it just one more try.
I've been shackled down,
Now it's time for me to fly!
If you ever point fingers,
4 look back at you,
showing you the reason why!
Vio Con Dios, Sayonara...

 Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved

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