' Shades of Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


The furious Moon rushed out
of the meeting of the planets, moons and stars
- ‘ I’m closest to the ladies of Earth
and have all rights to love them ‘
- he shouted while enraged by the decision
all the participants should give each other
an equal chance to conquering hearts
of the women of Earth, known for their beauty
in the furthest expanses of the Universe
Whatever to say, the disagreement stayed
and a ruthless competition
for the hearts of Aphrodites of Earth
was going to be continued, perhaps till the bitter end

Oh, the Moon, you the sweet erotomaniac
should we fault you for all those misdemeanors
your desires, in thousands of shades
all those secret peephole spyings
and far too many titillating details you know
or even outright, cheeky watching
of your victims, via their open windows 
the beauties unaware of being spied by you ?

Your brothers, oh, the red faced Moon
not only in our Solar system, including the Sun
not only in our Milky Way Galactic
but across the entire Universe
are not less sinful, no less red faced
They all are filled with erotic desires
to go on with charming women of Earth
All are dreaming to love them
their hearts on fire, bursting and bursting
producing unlimited numbers of shades
the shades of love, shades of sex desires

Oh, the stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud
oh, the blue stars in Caldwell constellation
the Crab Nebula stars, the Virgo stars
and all your cousins across the Universe
you’re not less sex addicted
as the moonlike princes wherever they are
you, the monarchs shining love
perpetually, till the infinity

Although the Earthly beauties
all those Catherines, Angelinas
Roses, Janets, you name them all
know only fifty shades of grey
before they engage in love affairs
they certainly end up 
knowing thousands upon thousands of shades
in all the colors of the Universe
the shades of love, scintillating love
one as starry as all the diamond shaped stars
in the entire Universe

What a symphony of love, Casanova alike
is ongoing on our planet Earth
Be jealous, dear Earthly gentlemen
don’t let your ladies out of your sight
not even a moment
one which can cost you
having lost your precious woman
lost into the arms of a moon or a star

Be jealous, men, be really jealous
love your ladies with all your hearts
let them enjoy endless numbers 
of the love’s shades, the symphonic shades
Show, you’re even better
than your starry competitors
May the red faced Moon
and as much red faced stars
burn in their irritations
No problem, that's their business !!

In the evening when your love one
is undressing herself
in the morning of the rising Sun
when she strips herself
and lovely stretches herself in the open window
with not any cloth on her
the dangers always are lurking
Whether it is the Moon, other moons 
or the Sun at his very reign
or a number of starry gentlemen 

Our ladies, dear Earthly gentlemen 
are always at risk 
of being looked upon via peepholes
or taken straightaway in the arms of the starry lovers
unaware even of what is happening to them
Subconsciously, however, knowing it
'cause the sweet, erotic feelings
are overwhelming, culminating with a climax
Don’t fault our ladies for this, guys
‘cause who would object against fresh rays
treating you sweetly like a fresh breath
and penetrating all your body parts
in a way the starry monarchs can only do it ?!

What all our Earthly women do not know
is how fierce quarrels take place
among the princes and monarchs
of the fabulous galactic spaces
the moons, planets and stars simply
Their choices are often the same
falling many times on the same women
and they are then quite frustrated
when they find out one day or one night 
the women they chose also belong
to their starry competitors

All those male, uncompromising stars
erotomaniacs and often so vindictive 
jump then to each other's throats 
with compressed fists
There were stories of Cetus, Delphinus, 
Eridanus, Scorpius, Serpens,
Taurus, Virgo, Chamaeleon, Hydrus
as well as of the moons
Phobos, Callisto, Enceladus, Hyperion
Phoebe, Oberon, Triton, Charion
and of many other celestial males
who had to solve their differences
before the starry tribunal as it just happened
with the erotomaniac, red faced Moon
who just rushed out with a complete enragement

‘ Shades of Love ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 11/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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