' Lust '
by Ryan Christiano


You stand before me one summer night
Your eyes shimmering starlight 
In twinkling twilight

We embrace
As I caress 
Your ethereal face
I succumb 
To your skin
Of silken lace

I sip from your soul
As two hearts 
Become whole
You are beautiful 
To behold

My lust is laid bare 
In the celestial scent 
Of your hair
Sonorous sonnets
Fill the air

Your blossoming body beneath me
Your titillating and tantalizing touch
The captivating curve of your hips
My lingering lips
Your paean of passion 
As waves of ecstasy 
Wash over thee

As thunder rumbles 
And mountains crumble
In the secret valley
Of our love

I pour poetry
Gently as rain
Upon your 
Scintillating skin
I streak 
Starry stanzas
Across passionate peaks

It is your sublimity 
I relentlessly seek
To possess 
Until nothing is left
In the aftermath 
Of this sensual cyclone

For it is the poet
Who sculpts you 
Mind, body, and soul
For I know
That I hold

In my arms 
That keep
You safe
From harm

With my hands 
That clasp you
Like the sacred sands 
Of luminous lands

I etch echoes
Of ecstasy 
Upon your body
For you alone
Are the perfect poem


by Ryan Christiano.©2015. All Rights Reserved.

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