'Fortunes of Life '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Every time I intensely think about you
unbearable pain rips my soul
Every time I see you in my imagination
I am dying, my heart explodes
Every time I dream about you at night
I wake up with a thrilling scream 

I can’t stand those sweet times gone
I loved you and we were the rebel hearts
Your very stare ignited flames
within my body and my soul
Could we go back to where it was best
to our love braided out of threads of light ?

You just looked into my eyes
as I looked into your eyes
both expressing utmost happiness
both a reaction to a chain reaction
Your body was a harmony of all the beauty
and expressing itself in symphonic overtures

The same was with me, my body on fire
and as much my mind, my heart
It was simply so that with your staring at me
all my dreams were ignited
all my thoughts of you brought back
everything what meant you and me

I stared back at you and I know it now
I also had that great power
of bringing your unbridled desires
and your longings upon the world
‘cause the next step between you and me
was a fierce kiss followed by more kisses

Looking back at the past
when we were lovers, the rebel lovers
is like echoing all the echoes 
back to where they began
when you and I were in love
the rebel hearts never to go apart

And yet it did happen, first innocently
there were cracks on the walls of our love
more and more unrepairable
till the very moment we were strangers
no longer understanding why we were together
departing each other at the crossroads of our life

Oh, fate and destiny, the fortunes of life
why are you so cruel at times
that you are taking away people we love
without any reasons to do so ?!
Why trapped souls, trapped lovers
in the cobweb of twisted destiny ?

We were lovers at the first sight
igniting our love and ourselves at instant
joyful and blissful, at all states in love
seeing starlight in each other’s eyes
and interstellar routes of joy and bliss
adventures of love, adventures across the Universe 

‘ Fortunes of Life ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 01/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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