' Symphony of Souls '
by Thaddeus Hutyra



It is already for some time we live together
You enter daily my heart, our home
and I enter your heart, our home too
Together we form a great symphony
one of love, trust, friendship, loyalty
effervescent symphony of our souls

How many times did we have problems
dilemmas we thought couldn’t be resolved
whether they were of our own making
or societal ones we could do nothing about
yet we stayed firmly together, arm by arm
shining with our symphony of souls

There were times we were desperately in love
we stayed for days and nights in bed
pierced by the numerous arrows of Eros
and passionately loving each other
Our sleeping room was our paradise
which we never ever intended to leave

But we knew there was a splashing life
outside of the walls of our nice house
so we ventured out, took a yellow cab
and went directly to the Times Square
our New York City’s favourable place
Symphony of Souls had its crescendo

We sat in the cafes for quite long times
listened to musicians of all kind and sex
those playing on harps, those on violins
yet those on saxophones, even trumpets
Our love flourished in such moments
and our hearts were homes to our love

It was always like this for long years
and we got used to each other so much
that we now have quite a lovely impression 
we both are one whole piece of life
as if sculptured by a genius of our times
with our symphony of souls on a display


' Symphony of Souls ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 04/01/2015
All Rights Reserved

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