' Lost in thought '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Twilight of my being
twilight of my life
twilight of my heart
twilight of my soul
twilight of my mind
twilight of everything I am

And how not to shiver
how not to fall down
into an abyss
of the Titans
to destroy myself
and get in peace
with the twilights 
I am dealing with

But why not 
the other way round ?
Goodness of my being
sunshine of my life
strong, pulsating heartbeat
my soul, an elixir of life
my demanding mind
wanting more and more

Me going for it all
till I am sure I have done
everything I wanted
till with my last breath 
I am at peace 
with myself
and the world

I search to the core
of my mind and soul
I look at this world
at people around
and I discover
the starlight of it all
love, of course
never-ending one
sparkling all the way
to the stars !

The plane I am in
is a soaring bird
I gaze up 
at the shimmering stars
and down
at sparkling lights
of human civilizations
I discover
we, humans 
are also special stars
like the ones on the sky

Very special ones
on our own Earth
in our Milky Way Galaxy
and the whole Universe
We are part 
of the God's design
part of the many dimensions
the known ones
and the unknown ones

- ‘ My dear John ‘ 
I hear a voice
of my loved one
sitting next to me
- ‘ you're forgetting 
about me ‘
- ‘ Oh, sorry, Jane ‘ 
I get alarmed
- ‘ I was lost 
in my thoughts ‘

What happens next
are the magics 
of the wand
Our lips touching 
each other's lips
and bringing us back
to our own universe
with plenty
of shimmering stars
We’re dancing 
among the stars

' Lost in thought ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 26/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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