' God's Touch '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

It's like a dance with wolves
like a vicious circle
round us and deep inside us
to the core of one's mind 
and the deepness of one's soul
Seeming to be God’s Touch
a music from a violin
celestial one
playing a story of love
and of life

We never know
who we are
or better to say
sometimes we know
and sometimes not
the Hamlet's dilemma
as before so now 
and in the future
Never ending game
with our minds 
hearts and souls

Shall we ever learn
who we are 
what we want
and what is 
that very special thing
we call soul ?

Yet we indeed feel
deep in ourselves
something as great 
as God's Touch
and our souls
crowned as virgins
playing on harps
with the starry strings

Yet we know 
we love each other
and are destined 
to live together
till the death 
will separate us
or perhaps

Yet we know 
nothing is more important
than our love
greater than life
amaranthine one
for all times to come

You’re my muse
and a heavenly angel
playing on a violin
crafted by our love
You’re my beauty of all times
touching the strings
of our love

Yet we wander
and wonder
through our souls
minds and hearts
our homes
turned into one home
a special one
if need be

There is always time
to do it
having breakfast
early in the morning
in our souls, our homes
while birds in their gardens
are singing odes to love
and roses
are gifting us
with their splendour

Having lunch 
at a certain hour
of the day
in our minds, our homes
with plenty of laugh
and carefree time
Trumpet from the street
is resounding
all the way 
to the high skies 
of our homes
in the landscapes
of our minds

Finally conquering our hearts
our most sweet homes
at the evening hour
lasting then
till the very deepness 
of the night
and filled with love
overwhelming one
by a symphony
of love

Play us angels 
on your harps
violins, trumpets, saxophones ...
Sing us, angels, our destiny
and let us feel
at least this 
and this only night
May joy fills 
our homes of love
within our souls
minds and hearts
Merry Christmas 
and a Happy New Year 
to you, my love, my only love

' God's Touch ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 23/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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