' Love Story '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Amy liked to call herself proudly
as Amy Joel Bond, Joel after her mother
and Bond after her father, of course
It sounded enigmatic, nice and soulful
at least she thought so, no matter what

Although Amy still was a teenager 
she had already some love affairs
behind herself, not really fortunate
All boys she knew cheated on her
saying they love her while using her

How many times and all hours round
she looked at her brother with disgust
every time he came home with a new love
She knew what to think about it all
Just nasty boys and their numbers !

The one most promiscuous was the hero
‘ I love you, I love you ‘ - all the guys said
but everything they had in their minds
was just to have sex and only sex
sex, sex, sex, a thousand times sex

But then one day she faced a dilemma
she met a handsome, blond boy
tall, with blue eyes and full sweet lips
Every time he looked deep into her eyes
she thought paradise became her life

All the Mum’s and Dad’s commandments
sputtered into a complete nothingness
He was her hero and she belonged to him
His name was Ethan John Bowlison
and he studied informatics, his last year

Oh, how she loved him, at first look
her heart was on fire, her body as much
and at every his move she danced back
not even knowing how gracefully she moved
as if she were a dancer for long years

One Christmas day they were alone
in her own house, the house of her parents
Mum Kathleen and dad Franky
were on exotic holidays in Thailand
together with her super active brother

Only their dog, Rakker, stayed with her
whom she trusted like nobody else
The evening was warm, with starry sky
Ethan held her in his arms and watched TV
while she contemplated their first meeting

How funny was it then, she nearly laughed
Someone rang on the door bell
and when she opened the door
there stood a handsome boy of her age
‘ I’m Ethan, your friend from childhood … ‘

- ‘ Amy, you seem to be absent, dreaming ‘
Ethan interrupted strings of her memories
- ‘ Oh, I was just thinking … ‘ - she laughed
but nothing more she could say, really not
because Ethan captured her lips with his lips

It was then when the gates of heaven
opened wide to their joyful bliss of love
which sounded like all the symphonies of stars
all the Earthly and celestial songs
under the baton of a stellar conductor

But it was just a beginning, a joy of their lips
before Eros’ arrow penetrated them both
- ‘ Let’s go crazy. ‘ - he whispered in her ear
- ‘ Yes, my boy, let’s dance to the tunes
of the music of our love ‘ - she murmured

What was next was a starry dance of love
in the orgasmic fields of shining stars 
loving and dancing, dancing and loving
never letting each other go, on fire
two souls united into one soul, one love

It was a noon, sunshine waking them up
when they finally realized how late it was
They felt as if they were just born again
bliss of happiness emanating from them
They knew it was a true love, their love

' Love Story ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 01/01/2015
All Rights Reserved

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