' Prelude to Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Our minds, our worlds
attached on the rays
of amaranthine cosmic light
are the pearls of our lives, our homes
There are incandescent wonders
taking place
in the engines within our minds
gifted by the life giving power
borrowed from the stars
and plentiful rays of light
working somehow
like the automatic watches
on our hands
which do not need any batteries

There were times
when sitting 
on the mountainous cliffs
of the San Francisco Bay
and under the nightly starry skies
I looked at the boomerang shaped Moon
and wondered 
what my life shall look alike
in a year
in a decade
two or three decades later
and when I really shall become
an old man

There were times
every time I was hit
by some sort of a life boomerang
I again thought
about the boomerang shaped Moon
Was it my destiny or was it a curse 
having to deal
with ups and downs of my life
clearly boomeranged 
as if by the boomerang shaped Moon ?
Yet I had always been able 
to withstand
the adversities of life

There were times
you were my variegated butterfly
on the strings of solar harp
a timid rabbit
reacting with escape
even at the slightest sound
a princess just awoken
from her nightmares
and needing to be hold in arms
till you got calmer
I had to keep you long time in my arms
before you realized you were safe
and the man holding you
was your lover

There were times
I loved you most in the world
We travelled in the golden carriage
bewildering ourselves
with crispy white beauty 
of the surrounding area
Despite frosty weather
we felt comfortable
warmed up by the warmth 
of our bodies and hot kisses
and their melodies of love
holding each other in arms
laughing a lot in sparkling ways
beaming with enthusiasm
and unfading optimism

How many times you knocked then
into my mind, our home
we were loving each other
till the very morning at dawn
no curtains were needed
neither any precautions
'cause it was our oasis
the oasis of love
Then the Sun’s life giving rays
let us load our minds and bodies
with abundant energy of life
and we hurried to our jobs
kissing yet passionately
before leaving for the rest of the day

Life was incandescent as then so now
and with you and only with you
We know now it was love then
and it is love now, unextinguishable
Our desiring minds, our homes 
a home to our endless love
one we're dancing within
and beaming
with beauteous happiness from
You are my crackerjack sweetheart
my only love and only mine, oh angel !

' Prelude to Love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 14/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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