' Life and Death '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

The musical fireworks
lit the nightly skies
A display of diamonds
bursting in the air
and then falling down
like the shooting stars
Accompanied by the music
which brought tears to eyes
Red giraffes with diamond bands
on their necks
bewildering the crowds
of Christmas shopping stalls
among many other wonders
Donald Trajkowski was born then

Donald's childhood 
behind the Iron Curtain
wasn’t angelic neither idyllic life
Watching one uprising
after another one
against communist rule
bloodily repressed
till the Solidarity movement
gained the upper hand
Only musical fireworks
lit his early life
Cracow’s skies were a mirror
of some wizard’s wand
Mad Locomotive, a musical
made though a furor
and student life
was unforgettable
Behind the Iron Curtain or not

He raised a glass filled with champagne
when on a board of his plane
leaving the East for the West
away from tyranny to liberty
What a special moment was it
one of Tolstoj's War and Peace !
Joy engulfing him, adding wings
Life gained new dimensions
letting him feel 
as if he were just freed
from a parallel world
The fireworks in the skies
bode goodbye on the East’s side
and welcomed him on the West’s side
with splendid shows
When he got out of the plane
at one of New Zealand's airports
he knew he was in the West
Welcome to the Cats
and the Phantom of the Opera !

Then came life in the West
Yes, freedoms
but hard work at the same time
no miracles though
could have been expected
to fall down from the sky
What he had 
was the effect of his skills
of a hard, hard, hard work
Fireworks on the starry skies
bewildered him as always before
and were his everlasting shine
How he loved the Wellington’s skies !!
So many musicals came next
it wasn’t possible to mention them all
The Lord of the Rings
the Lion King and Spider Man
The Who’s Tommy 
and Here Lies Love ...
Amaranthine spectacles !!

Donald Trajkowski fell then in love
got married, had children
They were a happy family 
filled with love
streaming deep into their hearts
Both, he and his wife
were endless travelers 
in the universes of their love
lovers in their shell of love
a home not only for them
but also for their beloved kids
Faithful to their adventurous spirit
they moved to magic California 
Watching sunrises and sunsets
from the cliffs of San Francisco Bay
only cemented further
their family bond
and a solemn vow
to go on with deepest love

One day something tragic happened
His dearest wife and two sons
died in a terrible accident
Donald Trajkowski locked himself
in the shell of his life
never again going out
despairing for the rest of his life
Shell of his love 
was filled with his tears
He was shipwrecked
drowning in them
Shell of his life
was equally crashed
enormous flooding would follow next
Only the fireworks
of the nightly skies
of the Californian skies
were allowed somehow into his shell
The boomerang shaped Moon
never left him in solace 
neither at inner peace

What else could finally happen ?
Nothing but death, of course
No one was present 
at the final moment
of Donald Trajkowski being buried
at the City cemetery
The priest whispered 
some magic words
and went away 
without looking back
And friends? Forget it !
None of them was there !!
Really? None of them?
Look at those last minute people
who ran towards his grave
They all were his friends
grieving so much
Never say, people, never !
The symphonic fireworks
a few hours later 
played an ode
to Donald Trajkowski' s life and death

Play, play angels
your celestial symphonies
to all those who had such short life
Short life then death
this is what happens to all of us
Play, play angels 
your celestial symphonies
on the orchestral rays 
of the whole Universe 
tribute all those
who tried their best
but death stopped it all
Play, play angels
your celestial symphonies
alike musical fireworks
we delight ourselves 
in our lives
Let's tribute freedoms and Bill of Rights 
across the USA and entire world
no more trigger happy cops
in America or elsewhere
no more Sharia stones
in the Islamic world
Let’s make peace finally
between life and death
'cause our souls soar further
in the eternal life


' Life and Death ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 06/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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