' Meditation '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Sitting on the cliffs
of the Oriental Bay
while hidden 
in the shell of my soul
There are no time restrictions
but endless dimensions
in my thoughts streaming out
to all interstellar routes
within my mind
and far across the Universe
Yet I am focused
on the earthly issues
trying to find
the sense of life
the very core of it

Life is your living jewel
a starship to the stars
bath in the Sun’s embrace
joy of knowing
You can see, and hear, and talk
live the way you wish
your mind and your heart
running at full speed
consciousness intact
What would life be
without love ?
You need love and care
You, the one
among the very living
in your shell of life
and of love
of dreams
of joy

There were moments
you doubted your beliefs
even the faith
your parents brought you up with
when you saw
murders being inflicted
on innocents
or perhaps sinners
in the name of that faith
hanged, beheaded
given lethal injections
shot instantly dead
Satanic verses
in the name of God
or some ruthless rules
shells of life shattered
forever ...

There were moments
when you doubted 
your own friends
behaving strange
not answering you
disregarding you
false and pretending
rejecting their assistance
in the needy times
talking stories about you
to strangers
none of which are true
What kind of friends are they ?!
Are they friends at all 
or just demons
ready to stab you in the back ?

There were moments
when life turned black
or even blank
in place of variegation
all the colours of the world
so obvious
in normal circumstances
When life turned to nothingness
in place of awareness 
of being in its very essence
Phoenix perishing
in bottomless chasm
the skies pulled down
into cosmic Black Hole
all stars gone
nothing really
but kingdom of nothingness

There were moments
sparks of hope
beamed back at you
like the New Year fireworks
above Sydney’s Opera House
all night joy
of cheerful crowd
at Trafalgar Square
euphory after a won match
at world cup
a love affair
bringing you back to life ...
Blackness seemed to be
substituted by all colours of life
precipice was there no more
But then
a blow came yet again
from someone
supposed to be your friend

Suspended in a vacuum
behind a glass curtain
in the city 
with rhythm of life
How can you strike back ?
Soar like a thousand of rockets
into the universes of your life
never so far discovered ?
Don’t let yourself fall
down the abyss of nothingness
Just strike back
show your life
regained all colours
of the Universe
become the guardian
interstellar one
of your own life

Still sitting on the cliffs
of the Oriental Bay
just ending meditations
and back to normal life
the rough one
with roses and thorns
where only you can make a difference
to what concerns your own life
you and only you
nobody else
You better get out of your shell
the shell of your soul
then out of your another shell
the shell of your life
and ... welcome back
in the Earthly life
You're really welcome
just help yourself
shine !


' Meditation ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 04/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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