' Glass Ball '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Life is a glass ball
with dimensions 
we’re unaware of
Whether we live 
in Euclidean space
or Minkowski one
many of us
don’t give a damn

Sometimes sitting at the table
with our dearest friends
we discuss the wonders
of this world
and far beyond
Yet we stay with what we know
do not push too far
What’s behind the stars
is simply not our life

Things are changing
when for some reason
we’re on the run
founding ourselves
in a labyrinth without exit
like some fish 
caught on a hook
desperately trying 
to jump back
into the life-giving water

The police squads
those who are supposed
to defend us
trample instead 
on our heels
with all their resources
high-tech or otherwise

We’re just two poor lovers
on a desperate run
Trapped within a glass ball
Say, say, please how to get out

What’s there behind this ball
how many dimensions to live in ?
Shall we be able 
to live there as so far
or shall we need
to be on a permanent trip
interstellar one ?

And what about dimensions ?
Shall there be 
four only or five, or six 
or perhaps a thousand 
of the dimensions ?
Far beyond what our minds
can ever comprehend ?

Yet we’re desperately 
trying to get out
The glass ball 
is no longer acceptable
We’re in a need 
to breath free

Let’s break thus free
break through this glass
and get there out
into our new lives
We won’t be though alone
having each other
hidden in our shells of love
deep in our hearts

One day we shall say
we got through all of this
We reached 
to our shells of love
deep into our hearts
and placed them
on a new chosen land
paradise alike

And then ever since
our love shall blossom
deeply ingrained
in the new environments
We shall never be aging
never stopping to live
in vibrant ways
never ceasing to love each other
We shall no longer be living
in a glass ball, the labyrinth

' Glass Ball ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 04/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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