' Sharia stones '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

There were times
of outmost cruelties
made by men to men
and to women
in the name of systems
cheating on God 
goodness in shackles
dance of evil 

Look into the shell of history
open it
and see for yourself
All those women
accused being witches
and burned alive on a pile of fire
One finger pointed at the victim
was enough to doom innocent life

The curse is still going on
into the very XXI-st century
in some places 
around the globe
as if civilisation never came
and never were able to come
Satanic verses flourish
and bloodshed with them

Those men and women
accused of adultery
by the Sharia courts
or even by the mob
One day hidden in a shelf of love
the other day pushed out 
accused of a crime
which in fact was just love

Buried in the ground
only heads and chests above it
and then getting blows
blows after blows
from the stones
the Sharia stones
thrown at them 
by the so called righteous crowd

Could you ever imagine
one such Sharia stone
hitting your head ?
They, the accused lovers
get hit by hundreds of them
just for daring to love
something what’s best in human lives
Their shell of love at risk
to be crashed

No mercy no cry
just the Sharia stones
hitting you one after another one
and causing a paralysing pain
No mercy no cry
they enjoy it
ready to inflict maximum pain on you
and watch you dying
Oh, no mercy no cry !!

If they only knew
quick death is 
what you’re yearning for
to escape this hell
of the Sharia stones
If only they knew
you cursed them all
calling God’s name
justice shall come one day !!

Your body is splashed by blood
Sharia stones around you
you feel you’re leaving
this ungodly world
one which rejected your love
in the name of Shariah
one which chose satanic verses
to end your life

Yes, you’re leaving this world
The Sharia stones 
make no longer a difference
You’re on a starship
to Heavens
into the embrace of God 
Those stones, Sharia stones
fuel your starship now
accelerating it

Candles are on around you
with flames ignited 
by the spatter of your blood
Stars are playing symphonic music
with melodies of love
The one you are being murdered for
and the one you're taking with you
in your shell of love
hidden deep in your heart
Yes, you and your loved one
are together
on the final journey to Heavens 
Bye, bye, inhumanity !!

' Sharia stones ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 03/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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