' Rendezvous '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

How many times
we had our rendezvous
in our heart, our home
No finest villa, greatest place
could ever match it

You knocked to my heart
entered, threw your hands
around my neck 
and was hanging so
for long, joyful time

Then we kissed
and starry skies
began to shine
to the tunes of our hearts
turned one heart, of love

Although our home
stayed high on the cliffs
of San Francisco Bay
we were not afraid
Love was the queen

Our heart, our home
was like thousands of iPhones
singing melodies of love
I love you, I love you
skyrocketed beyond the stars

And yet we stayed
entwined in our arms
within our heart, our home
promising to each other
we shall stay together forever

‘cause our love was greater than life
one of Romeo and Juliet 
We wanted to turn our fate around
make our love 
a permanent feature

Sitting on the cliffs
of San Francisco Bay
we know now 
we have succeeded
Our heart, our home
stays on and shall stay

' Rendezvous ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 02/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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