' Diamond Pearl '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


You won’t believe, dear friends
what I am going to say
It was a bright morning
the Sun not sparing its rays
I was sitting on a bench
when I saw on the ground
a shiny object of a small size
I picked it up and to my surprise
it was … a diamond pearl

A detective look at it
and interaction caused
changed my life completely
transforming me 
from a common man 
to an enigmatic wizard
From then on my life 
gained definitely
on the quality of life

I became a free man
happy and carefree
My mind crystal clear
thoughts vibrating
catching the stars
deciphering souls
reading minds
letting me fall in love

My life regained its purpose
Not a single moment
was a waste of time
The diamond pearl
enchanting, magic pearl
became the jewel of my life
‘cause it was enough for me
to look into its very eye
enabling me knowledge
I needed so much
And so it went on so good
and is still going on as good

I don’t have to ask anyone
what I can or what I must
My Hamlet alike dilemmas are gone
no more sufferings of any kind
no more sadness
no more feeling bad
in its slightest even form

On the contrary
joy of life
joy of adventures
joy of seeing new worlds
in their micro and macro
joy of discoveries
no longer deepest even secrets 
unknown to me
Joy, joy, never ending joy …

No more cry
no more strangers I used to know
no more false lovers
who didn’t deserve even a smile
no more disappointments
raging throughout my mind
as if they were cancerous cells

Consider me a lucky man
a magician among the stars
whom no worlds are unknown to
in all their vast dimensions
whatever dimensions
a magician within your minds
and within your souls
admiring all your wonders
Yes, I am a lucky man
one with never ending smile
Leonardo da Vinci would be proud of

My last look into my memories
shivers me immensely 
I was a November rain
Mississippi tornado
New Orleans’s hurricane
Pacific storm
bringing only death 
and unimaginable destruction

I was then soaked leaves
dropping to the ground
breaking twigs of trees
in swaying gusts of the wind
the last autumn flowers 
giving the remnants of breath
dying in agony …

It all was before I found
enchanted diamond pearl
Gate of luck, bliss and happiness
became wide open from then on
I became a lucky man
beaming like the Sun
like the shimmering stars at night
like the pale faced Moon
completely exposed
with its sexy silvery body

I became an eagle flying up
towards the Sun
a hawk competing with the eagle
a starship flying towards the stars
alongside guardians of Universe 
I became a shiny light
so much effervescent
and equaling that of my soul

I became all the flowers
springing up in the Spring
all the newborn pets
trying to catch the Moon
rhythmic techno music
with thousands of dancers
endless light and shine
Joy simply , angelic joy
the joy of a newborn life

And now, my dear friends
let it be known to you
this magic diamond pearl
I found in fact in my mind
And know it, my dear friends
it’s a chance 
of every single one of you
dependable on
how do you decide
to run your own lives
Know it, diamond pearl
is within you, each one of you

Oh, Symphonies of Heavens and Earth
of souls and hearts, and minds
of worlds within worlds
of Universes upon Universes
symphonies of angels
of phantoms, of people in the streets
play the music of all times
the music of love, of life, of our souls
May all these diamond pearls 
join the stars on the nightly sky
in a symphony of all symphonies
tributing you all
now and for all times to come

' Diamond Pearl ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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