' Symphony of Angels '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Angel among the stars
playing music with his harp
He is emanating 
with his male beauty
all the female angels are in love !!

Angel among the stars
is playing the music of the stars
on his beloved amaranthine harp
his dreams flowing 
to the tunes of his heartbeat
his mind filled with overwhelming love
his soul dancing among the stars

Angel among the stars
he, the master of virtuosity
His harp extension of him himself
celestial sounds beam into the stars
and far beyond
They reach the Earth

Angel among the stars
overwhelmed by his love
his Hamlet alike dilemma
Well, why not love
what's wrong with love ?!

He plays his harp in divine ways
the sounds reaching the stars
whatever problems they are forgotten
music is the king and queen 
the music which multiplies the stars

Do you hear it, my dear reader
who isn't in this masterful play ?!
Puccini and Verdi, Mozart and Debussy
Vittorio Monti, Andre Caplet, Paganini
Oh, dance and sing, God's angels !!

What a metamorphosis happens then
it's not just our beloved angel
but plenty of female angels around him
with unimaginable beauty
adoring him, loving him
joining him in a symphonic play
one uniting the paradise and Earth

What happens next
is larger than life, far beyond
quintessential of the worlds 
between human and celestial
the symphony of angels
playing both for the Heavens and Earth

' Symphony of Angels ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra 
All Rights Reserved

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