' Symphony of Sky and Earth '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Look at the pulsating rings
around the Sun
whose beams of its rays
into the celestial blue sky
with a mastery
of an orchestra of all times
Heavenly one
addressed to human kind
It's obvious invitation
to have a party

What a symphony it is
one of the Heavens and Earth
the trumpets of the skies
and their harps, and violins
Earth's saxophones
Dj's vibrating rhythms of music
all supported by dancers
ready to have their party
all the day and all the night
Look, the party began
celestial fireworks of music
in the very bright day

But there are though shadows
dark ones
not wanting to disappear
Although the rays are bright
although flowers flourish
the leaves of the trees dance
adding nicely to the music
demons are though dancing
in the darknesses
of the guilty minds
Just look at the sin city
the sin states
Earth engulfed by sin

Like twilights upon twilights
like some strangest creatures
perhaps even devils
from the deepest abysses
of guilty minds
stony hearts
This darknesses
as if forces of darkness
beam back 
from time to time
trying to destroy 
overwhelming wish 
for lights of progress

Yet the cobwebs of the Sun's rays
beam at us stronger and stronger
washing us from our sins
and giving us hope
Are we ready to stand up
to the challenges ?
Wash our sins from us
as Jesus Christ did it to Saint Jan ?
Let us begin new chapters
of our lives
put them on track
from the very beginning yet again
We have though learnt !!

Look at the skies now and at our Earth
Goodness is emerging victorious
throwing demons back to abyss
locking them there
and never letting them out again
What happens now
is a tribute
to the symphony of the skies
the orchestra of the Sun's rays
the philharmonic of the stars yet to come
dancing angels of the day and the night
A haunting celebration
of love taking the world by storm
The party has really began
joys of love, joys of life
joining the symphony 
of the skies and Earth for good

' Symphony of Sky and Earth ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra 
All Rights Reserved

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