' Sin City '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Falling down to abyss
twilight darkness
dancing demons
dancing even devils
overwhelming blackness
no slightest chance for light
no hope
no chance of survival either
nothing but gruesome reality
Just falling down to abyss
as if into a Black Hole
somewhere in the far Universe
Welcome to the Sin City 

Falling down to abyss
tornadoes, huricanes
storms on the raging tides of ocean
flights of birds
over unwelcome lands
slamming doors and windows
in human environments
raging bad weather
in abyss without moonlight
without one celestial star
nothing but terror
and overwhelming blackness
Welcome to the Sin City 

Monstrous figures 
threatening at every corner
thirsty of blood
unscrupulous murderers
feeling themselves good
in the twilighted abyss
filled with cobwebs of evil
Who's alive flees
no chance to survive
if staying 
where all generations 
had a chance to stay before
their entire lives
Welcome to the Sin City 

No longer caring 
'cause knowing being doomed
Just watching the tangoes
of the 3D displays of evil
God ceased to exist
Satan took over
Leaves on trees 
sucked violently out
and this is just a prelude
to what follows next
All life sucked out
by the various demons
giggling devils
and helping hands 
of their companions, the vampires
in their purple coats
and faces most handsome
Welcome to the Sin City 

At one sudden point
the fall down to abyss stops
You sit in an outside terrace
of a student pub
Beautiful faces, lean silhouettes
A look alone on them
seems to be a dream come true
Their eyes shine
like the most brilliant stars
who have suddenly appeared 
literally from nowhere
What happened with the abyss
are you dead, no longer?
Look, how still is this tree
overlooking the terrace
how still are its leaves
none of them on the move
a complete stillness 
not even one breath of air

' Sin City ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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